Trip Down Memory Lane: Kid David 2007 Warm-Up Clip

Straight and to the point: Kid David did it first and did it better than any kid has since he broke through on the world stage in 2005-2006. Wise beyond his years, David understood that he didn’t
want to be the best little kid, he wanted to be the best period and he wanted to be respected at every level.

At 17, he traveled the world and back. Nothing was stopping him; David won just about every competition he entered and his skill level kept rising. In the mid 2000s, many young prodigies had the hype, many had the clout but David had the earned respect. Anyone and everyone that saw him break knew he was special, a phenom, a once-in-a-generation bboy and he became just that, the best of his generation. In the process, he achieved super-like status in the breakin’ community worldwide.

No longer the new KID on the block, David went on to inspire our world. David might possibly be the most artistically gifted bboy in the world. Shout outs to THE KID. It was an honor watching him grow.

KID DAVID 2007 WARM UP. 15/16 years old. ENJOY.


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