Straight and to the point, earlier this year some good friends asked me to join the UDEF organization…

I said “thanks, but no thanks”.

A few months back Steve aka Silverback (responsible for creating UDEF) came out to Orlando to check out The Bboy Spot. Steve had a conversation with me about his involvement and even better, WHY HE WANTS TO BE INVOLVED IN THE BREAKING COMMUNITY. Steve and I had a training session followed by another chat. Needless to say I came away very impressed. My impression was that here is a man that truly loves Breakin’.


I am not one that quickly jumps into things, in all reality I’ve hardly ever jumped into anything. Even after Steve came to The Spot I was still not involved in the organization. I wanted to wait and see the event for myself and make up my mind there. One of my motto’s is “take your time, its not a race”. For me, I am all about our community and stand for the “By the community, for the community” philosophy.

• When I finally decided I would support UDEF and Silverback Bboy Events
Day 1 of Silverback Open Championships, I get to the venue and see a beautiful set up. Again I was impressed, but what I saw soon after is what did it…Steve putting in work. Helping out as if he was the bottom tier of the staff, dragging huge banners to help the team place them up, walking around the cypher floor making sure everything is good for the bboys. Those that have attended my events know how hands on I am with everything. It was then that I thought to myself that no man who really doesn’t care about us (community) is going to bust his ass in this manner.


UDEF is down for the community and wants to see it flourish. Not because of the money involved but because of one man and his love for
breaking. The world class team he has employed full time is set out on a mission to make our community a respectable, professional, and a financially sustainable platform for bboys/bgirls. The best part of it? UDEF wants US, the breaking community, to be in control and take action in creating the platform that we deserve.

Better the help from one with a passion willing to learn than the help of companies only looking to gain.

I hope great things take place with UDEF. I will always do my part to make sure our community is represented the best way possible.
As always Community 1st.

We cant wait for Silverback Open Championships 2015 this Saturday and Sunday!!
FB link here: HERE


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