This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour his San Diego CA. for its 27th official stop of the 2017 tour. The jam? UNDISPUTED USA Qualifier. The mega event held what will be the 2nd biggest 1 vs 1 competition is the U.S this year(SB Open will be 1st.) The event line up was WORLD CLASS across the board. World renown bboys such as Remind, Moy, Thesis, El Nino, Ronnie, Lil Rock, and many others wanted to claim the title plus secure their spots in this years UNDISPUTED World Finals. Aside of the title, and guaranteed finals spot, there was also a very nice 1st place cash prize consisting of $2,000, 2nd place received $750, semi finalist $400each, Top 8 $200each, Top 16 $100.00each and Top 32 $50.00each. To go along with the star studded line up of bboys, Undisputed also carried a world class line up of DJ’s and Judges consisting of:

Lean Rock
Mane One

Paulskee – Mighty 4/Rock Force
Wicket – Footwork Fanatics
Kujo – Soul Control
Nemasis – Breaks Crew
Casper – Boogie Brats/SBR
prelim/alternate judge
Ace – Master Movements

We can’t forget our host with the most. The one and only Cros One and the urban action figure Ivan.
THE BATTLES: Check out the TOP 32 line up.

TOP 16 Battles:
Thesis defeats Omen, Sa-ewl takes out Phil, May eliminates Shigekix, Ronnie moves on over Nico.
El Nino advances over Frankie, Buckshot takes out Exaggerate, Remind defeats Lil Rock and Gravity moves on over Zeku.

We do have to highlight this battle: Remind vs Lil Rock. Two legends from the 90’s. Two Pro-Am winners. Two bboys who pioneered Styles and movements. Crazy to see them battle all these years later.

TOP 8 Battles:
Thesis defeats Sa-ewl, May takes out Ronnie.
El Nino ends Buckshots run, Remind defeats Gravity.

In this one we gotta highlight the battle of the sponsored bboys. Monster Bboy Vs BC One All Star.
Moy vs Ronnie:

Thesis defeats Moy
El Nino eliminates Remind.

THE FINALS: Thesis vs El Nino
What a final…. Two homies who have battled with each other and against numerous times. Two bboys that have been holding it down for the USA on the battle tip for over a decade.

For awesome pictures of UNDISPUTED USA, All photos by : Adam “Emajyn Adolphus

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Rock City 8 Year Anniversary
Follow the PBT at: https://www.udeftour.org/full-schedule/

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