VALUES: Kapi’s Intervention on Spanish TV

We all know what happens with mass media. It’s been showing to the public a watered down, sugar-free, corny version of what we do for decades. And I don’t blame them. They do what they do because they don’t know better; they assume the spectator wants that. And in reality, there’s nothing further from the truth.

If you teach or give lectures maybe you have experienced what I like to call the “epiphany moment”. It happens when a person who doesn’t know anything about our culture learns about what it really is for the very first time. I’ve seen surprise, awe, marvel. I’ve seen adults bringing their hands to their heads, in a breakthrough of understanding. I’ve seen parents cry. It really stands in my top 5 feelings in life.

Being as powerful as it is, it is funny that we don’t usually stress the importance of history and values in our learning and our teaching. We don’t integrate this in the famous foundation and urge our students to follow through, knowing that their performance will dramatically change when they understand why they are doing what they are doing, instead of just saying “because I like it”.

The key, I believe, is to promote this values that are part of our culture to our students, our elders and the people we encounter. Which values? How about this:

Self knowledge, teamwork, leadership, respect, honor, self confidence, discipline, cultivation of the body, studying, perseverance, humility. Can you name a few more?

If you’re short of ideas or you don’t really know what I’m talking about, I recommend you to watch this clip. It’s part of a project called Ritmo Urbano, a TV show about hip hop featuring Spanish MC “El Chojin” and this part down here belongs to Puente Aéreo, a featurette of hip hop culture knowledge to the masses, and our neighbours as well. The host of this part is no other that Kapi, Spanish Bboy (Barcelona Addictos), DJ, graffiti writer, producer and a man that totally deserves the title of living legend.  The clip has English close captions for your better understanding.

This was aired this week in national TV and if some of you are surprised, please, don’t be. It’s the result of hard work by some individuals who are passionate about our culture and had pushed for a long time until they achieved the chance to show the truth to the masses.

And you know what?

We can do it too.

One step at a time.

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