For those that may not know, there is an Instagram account named @WaysoftheBboy. The account quotes all type of bboys and bgirls from some of their best quotes on Instagram. The account does not discriminate as it features famous and not so famous name in our community. We have been lucky to be featured on the account. It is our turn to feature them and we do it with our favorites (in no particular order).

js“I see all these people entering toprock battles and I don’t see no toprock. I see all these influences and what I’m seeing is not toprock. Because most of the time they don’t even do a basic toprock and if they do its wack. That is my issue: to call yourself a toprocker and then whatever you do is not even breaking.” – Jeskilz (@jeskilz )(Cypher Adikts) #waysofthebgirl #waysofthebboy

roxx“A real B-boy is someone who understands the culture, the history, the foundation of the dance and also knows that it’s about style and being yourself. You could do everybody else’s moves, but if you can’t be yourself you’re not really representing what a real B-boy is.” – Roxrite (@roxrite95 )(Renegades/ Squadron/ The Break Disciples) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

ken-ken“Be colorful, be larger than life. If you approach a specific thing, you got to find a comfortable way to feel it. I was also admiring people so much that I was trying to look like them and I get all that, but you got to let yourself come out. It takes time; don’t rush it.” – Ken Swift (@realkenswift )(VII Gems) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

ruen“It’s in big events when pressure is put on because that’s what really shows what you can do when it comes down to that. In a cypher you just have fun and be free, in a jam you got to execute harder than the other person so it’s not just running rounds, but it’s more of a competition. Competition is way different than a cypher, but if you can do both, that’s when you’re really a true bboy.” – Ruen (@bboyruen )(Killafornia / Style Elements) photo by: @bboylancer #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

roborob“Study your history. Expand your knowledge and have respect to older people. Believe me, you’ll find that useful not only in bboying, but in life too. Don’t forget your roots. Remember, there are things more important in life. I recommend you to remember that. We are all humans first.” – Robin (@smokeitfunky )( Top Nine/ Mighty Zulu Kingz) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

wickwick“My biggest thing right now is originality. Bring your own style to it, bring your own character to it. We understand that there’s a lot of people who do certain moves. There’s a lot of foundation out there, but have your own character. If you don’t have signature moves you should get some because that’s crucial. I like to see the foundation. I like people, not just go out there and just pretending to do footwork and just do a couple rounds of top rock and call that foundation. I would like to challenge people and see how they are going to incorporate it into their own moves. You get just people who go out there and do a lot of foundation, they don’t incorporate their signature moves, they don’t do their power. I would like to see a mix of everything. Execution is crucial because you can’t really have people messing up and crashing. You have to come to serve people. You can’t just go there and try to join a competition to get experience; execution goes a long way. Execution: that is the time you need to make your statement.” – Wicked (@bboywicked )(Phaze II Crosstown Crew) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

mex_a“When someone wants it bad enough they often take shortcuts and when that happens maybe they “get it” but not what comes with it. This can be said in our community. Some want to win so bad that when they do, no one really cares to respect them. This dance is more than competition. Community, respect, culture.” -MexOne (@mexone/@thebboyspot) (USC) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

moymoy“We’re in a new generation. You have to be on some crazy stuff right now, but you also can’t lose the tradition and roots of the dance. You can be breaking 2013 but you better have some 1975 or some 1985 in you, because thats the root of it. If you’re not breaking with foundation, then to me personally you’re not breaking. So its important to stay relevant with today’s game but also be relevant with yesterday’s game.” – Moy (@bboymoy )(Havikoro) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

caspp“The Future.
Breaking right now is so amazing because its just getting bigger, better and faster everyday! It’s a great thing what our community of bboy’s & bgirl’s have accomplished in such a small period of time.. Big companies like redbull or nike have never really been interested in what we have to offer.. So we have all these communities of bboy’s taking charge of what we want and making it happen everyday! That being said.. The new generation is going to decide were breaking is going to go.. Keep in mind not so long ago breaking was all about vibing out and having a good time and just dancing! We all got into this to get away from the business it was fun and fresh and new! With no problems of stress but the complete opposite. But now when all you have on your mind is to create sets to win competitions it becomes BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS.. And you start to lose everything you learned in the beginning! If you forget that it’s about having fun than what are you doing in the first place? This is so much more than just a dance.. And what you bring to the table makes it better! REMEMBER it’s because of you guys that bcone is were it’s at today.. It’s because of you guys that there are city’s investing to throw a jam because that’s what you guys want! I’ve done it all at very young age.. And I’m really blessed for that.. I know now i have to go back to the beginning’s of my roots.. Because it’s about having fun! So just keep this in mind to all you future bboy’s & bgirl’s the reason why all these competitions are so big now is because of you guys not because of them.. It’s because of what we chose.. We the people are the power of this community and we have the control.. It’s what we decide.. So whatever you guys decide is going to be the future of bboying… Don’t forget to have fun.” -Casper (@bboycasper) (Boogie Brats/MZK) Photo By: @venumvisonz #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

lean-lean“To all my peeps that have just got into this culture… the purpose of doing what we do isn’t to win the race or the competition.. the purpose is to make a statement. This mentality will hold you down in the long run.” -Lean Rock (@djleanrock) (Floor Lords/Boogie Brats)

Honorable Mention:

uscusc“Being “inspired” is not an excuse to feel, look or move like someone.How you going to leave your mark using someone else’s marker?” -MexOne (@mexone/@thebboyspot) (Unique Styles) #waysofthebboy #waysofthebgirl

We had to be bias with the last one, but come on…. Its a really dope quote. Make sure to follow @WaysoftheBboy for more great quotes.

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