What is “Hiphop Dance”??

The topic is always there. What is Hiphop Dance? We all have an opinion on what we feel Hiphop is and what dance styles are part of the culture. While we may have the opinion, the truth is our opinions hold little value because we are not the creators, pioneers or historians of the culture.

Legendary pioneer and historian Mr. Wiggles of the Rock Steady Crew, recently spoke out on this topic and we at The Bboy Spot strongly endorse his stand on whats “Hiphop Dance”.

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Thank you Mr. Wiggles for taking a stand and speaking up. It’s a hard thing to do because it rubs people the wrong way and at times it can cost gigs or industry work when
you start speaking up against the norm. We as community need to speak up against dance studios, events or dance festivals using the “Hiphop” name, but not representing the culture. Not only is the name being used solely for profit, it keeps promoting the ignorance and confusion of what Hiphop truly is.

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  1. Alex Milewski says:

    The truth is that most of the people attending these workshops and camps have no interest in investing the insane amount of time and effort that it takes to learn to break: they want to go have fun at a dance camp, learn some catchy choreo, and ultimately have something to show (other than bruises) at the end of the week/weekend. Not everyone (even in Hip Hop) wants to learn breaking, or has any interest in it at all. So maybe we should be the bigger guys and instead of making ridiculous posts with lots of BIG TEXT and !!!!!!s, let them do what they do, and keep doing what we do. At least Popping, Locking, Voguing, House and Disco are still in the mix: it could just be “Hip Hop twerking” camp, that would be a real issue.

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