When Power Moves Used to be Powerful

So I was looking for some dope power clips on the web, and I just couldn’t find any new generation clips that truly had an impact. Breaking has changed in so many ways but the truth is, breaking remains breaking. By this I mean the foundation will always remain. Footwork is footwork, a freeze is a freeze, and power is power. I’ve been meaning to speak about power moves…

Since the early 2000′s with the boys Omar, Ronnie Ruen, and of course “THE KOREANS”, power moves have changed a lot. The guys mentioned below truly innovated some incredible moves, but as the new millenium took off many after them started focusing more on power “tricks” instead of power MOVES. Power moves are supposed to be what? POWERFUL. There was a time—an era where it was not just 1 or 2 guys killing it, but 3-4 guys per crew that had incredible power and combinations. Today if we want to talk about incredible “power heads”, as they are called, we have to go across the world to find only a few…

It used to be all about the SPEED. You know what they say, speed kills so we decided to highlight a few bboys with the clips below of what power moves are supposed to be all about. We also found a clip WITH HORRIBLE MUSIC of what power today is about.

Note: Yes, some of the moves of today are INCREDIBLE–and yes, many have taken them to the next level, but that’s not the point. For those of you that get “the point”, I am sure you will enjoy the clips below.

Pablo/ Soul Control

Gumby/Suicide Lifestyle

Supa Dave/Style Elements

Renegades vs Style Elements

New Moves

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  • IamCROS1

    That last clip got some crazyness in there….Some werent so new school but lots are. Damn….

  • IamCROS1

    Crazy just watched all the other clips. I was at most of those events that were shown lol…rest in Peace Pablo that dude was the man!

  • mads

    i understand your point, but you totally killed it yourself when you posted the last clip (cico, punisher, kaku, lil cheng, marcio etc) who all have INSANE fast, clean, technical and POWERFUL moves :/
    about the music – well, imagine punisher or cico practise powermoves to “i believe in miracles”, thats the music killing the moves…

    • Mex One

      Hey Mads,

      No no, I get what you mean. Its not about “Killing yourself” Im just stating its not the same.
      Cico is the best power mover ever but he comes from the generation i posted above.. He
      understands it and applies it, I think it helped him become the best. Before there where so many power heads in 1 crew, now most crews dont have one. My post is not a diss to power heads or power moves.


  • MiniBOJ_HLM

    Thanks for this post MEX.
    Pablo was the first power head what I ever seen !

  • radio_wpbk

    I lived in the states for the past 10 years, but I started breaking in Romania …I want to elaborate a little bit on what MEX said.
    A very true fact is that back then power was swift . speed + weight =power ! nowdays people do power MOVES but the formula is not the same…it works when it comes to executing the intricate move because you have to in order to thread an air flare or what not . but the old power was RAW and I laugh when I hear that word at jams today ,because many dont understand what it means to be raw . Too many bboys “Clones” that have not found themselves in the dance, no matter if they gear towards power footwork or toprock ,use the word raw. Pop Master Fabel said to be a” real hip hop dancer you have to at least done it for 10 years”. Back when I started there where vhs tapes if you where lucky to know someone who had one especially in Romania. but even though we did not see each other like they do now on youtube ,no matter where u where from , the crews where UNITED. To be a bboy and even more one who does power was like damn that guy is dangerous ,there was GENEROSITY in the way they executed power , not just ok ill do a flare to 1,5 and go in babies and a intricate signature, They would go on FOREVER , Imagine crews being just like the WU-TANG CLAN mc’s ,Straight up skill from any member in the crew. Since I am from Europe I take pride in talking about crews like FLYING STEPS..who had Benny Kimotto , Lil Bee, Vartan, Crazy B , Cash, Mike L…even Amigo the popper had power! and since I mentioned Benny, if you would research , he passed down the techniques of 1990′s and air tracks to Cico while entering BOTY 02 as killa beez. Very true when Mex said that Cico comes from that generation. and you can see it..he took it further but it is not about how intricate he is. it is how much power he explodes with . I am a all round bboy and i will dance to what ever the dj plays , but if i WOULD have a choice the music would be ELECTRIC FUNK , Or some potent Hip Hop….and i with a passion feel like slapping people when I see them mocking popping when they hear electric funk songs …not that u cant pop to it u verry well can , but back in the golden days if you played “:play at your own risk” ,”IN Gress”, “keep prepared for the battle”… the power was about to go down!
    radio -west palm beast krew

  • radio_wpbk

    lil cheng is Flying Steps ,he kept the RAW

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