Recently, the question was asked about why is the USA is not producing elite “world class” competitive bgirls at the rate that Europe and especially Asia has in the last decade. The Bgirl scene has grown tremendously worldwide, but the USA seems to be falling far behind.

Part 2 of the Series features Candy from Heartbreakerz

Candy gave such great input in here reply that we had to feature it. Throughout the early 2000’s leading to the beginning of this decade, Candy was very active and always on the front line of the USA representing for the Bgirls. Below is her direct response to Part 1 of the series.


Well since anyone can respond there’s few things I think. Elite level? What does that mean? Winning competitions? Community work ? Establishing platforms? Creating studios? Creating events?

If it’s just competitions then the USA has not fallen behind, please refer to the list of international jams won by usa bgirls in the past year that Candy Molia posted.
As far as the other things I mentioned USA bgirls are doing it too- honey has a school, La Roka has produced a documentary and is still doing productions w upcoming bgirls included, baby girl has produced Bgirl city, I’ve thrown atleast one jam a year since I moved the uk, candy does child of this culture, hbkz has their own event at Ibe & the list goes on.

Another thing to compare American bgirls to European or Asian bgirls is a comparing apples and oranges, culturally the places differ and importance is placed on different aspects of the scene and also the availablity of community support varies drastically. Does elite mean more power moves or entering jams cuz if that’s the case then yes Korea has more elite bgirls. If it means faster progression then certain Europeans girls may progress faster cuz guess what? They have practice spots every day of the week where coming up in Nyc u had to troop it to practice 3x a week if u were lucky. In the uk many get power but lack in foundation. In Finland u literally had two bgirls that were competing at a high level and that’s the same for most American cities.

Not to mention life does happen, u can call it excuses but let’s be real, if a Bboy has an accident and is out for a year when he comes back the amount of support is incredible where if a Bgirl is out due to motherhood, work or just plain schooling about a year later she written out of breakin history and has to start from scratch. Also motherhood is another factor that is majorly different for bgirls then bboys- bboys don’t even try to have an opinion On this cuz being pregnant & the recovery is something u will never know.

Then there was the whole they need a male figure or crew umbrella to be under and don’t stand on their own. That’s called
Lineage, this is breaking,culturally it gets passed down its better then learning off YouTube and in a male Dominated scene the chances are a woman will be guided by a man, matter fact every Bgirl on this thread has had some male guidance or had a male crew that has helped them get to where they are. If u have good guidance that’s freakin awesome if u don’t u move on but eventually u learn to stand on ur own two feet. Thru reppin and experience. There’s no need to shame women who come into this because of their man or have gotten guidance frm a crew, if u have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and they happen to be male then go on with ur bad self and get nasty!

Personally I disagree I think bgirls have come leaps and bounds in the past 10 year being elite level in the scene in various ways especially USA bgirls as we have the most long standing consistent bgirls in the world. Who can say they have been breaking since the 7 gems era like honey? Who can say they did jam on the groove and did munch mills before they became the norm like rok? Who can say they created Bboy summit, had a child, raised her, still dance and now just got a degree like Asia? All USA bgirls. Maybe we should focus more on elevating the women doing it on the scene instead of critiquing the lack of attendance at events and letting that be the compass of elite-ness. Let’s talk about Bgirl history and who deserves to be recognized. Let’s create events that honor the Bgirl and don’t just fit them into a 2am 30 min time slot, let’s have Bgirls reppin these energy drinks not bikini models. Let’s have a Bgirl on every judges panel. Let’s talk about the elite and how they got there so the future girls looking to get into this can follow in their footsteps. Just my two cents as someone who has lived in the USA and the U.K.”
Candy – Heartbreakerz Crew

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  1. This. THIS TIMES A THOUSAND. Bgirls, much like a great deal of women in general in hiphop, have been putting in twice as much work and getting half the recognition — if that. Even less so when you consider this evolution of the dance being more physical and less complete when factoring in the original dance elements. Thank you for this Candy.

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