Recently, the question was asked about why is the USA is not producing elite “world class” competitive bgirls at the rate that Europe and especially Asia has in the last decade. The Bgirl scene has grown tremendously worldwide, but the USA seems to be falling far behind.

Part 3 of the series features one of the most active and best bgirls in the current USA breakin’ community. Macca (360 Flava) came up in the Philly and north east region of the scene through out the later part of 2000’s. Macca really started making a name for herself this decade. She is constantly traveling across the states competing vs bboys/bgirls. Some may say she is currently the best bgirl in the USA.


In a sense There are a lot of girls that attempt to be a Bgirl… But there aren’t many that are on a top level skill wise may it be physical, mental or spiritual. But besides that, I wonder why aren’t there more?….its one of the greatest gift and way of expression for myself. But it just isn’t for everyone to be honest…. It takes a lot of dedication, getting dirty, hurting, pain. A lot of times that process isn’t appealing to girls…it seems koo… But it’s too time consuming… In the same sense of why a lot of guys don’t break… But its more obvious with bgirls because the number is lower.. also in the US I think a lot of girls that try to break get distracted by life easier. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it first hand. But really for me it’s more so why aren’t there many top skilled bgirls?.. But even with that, with any art.. There are some Okay, good, great and top level..
Macca – 360 Flava

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