Part 4 of the series brings us the statement of one of the hardest working bgirls in the USA breaking community. Crissy B out of Los Angeles, California has represented for USA bgirls worldwide for more than 10 years. While she does not emphasize or focus on the competition aspect of the dance, Crissy can always be found in the cyphers where she has made her name and established her reputation.


Sorry for jumping on so late. I had to really think about this and collect my thoughts. Although I really feel I’m a lot better at having face to face conversations when it comes to topics like these. So I’m sorry if I jump around here a bit. I also apologize for the length.

For one, I feel there is definitely a lack of consistency. & dedication. I think in the US there’s always been a sense of entitlement when it comes to doing anything. So if something isn’t really serving your needs and one isn’t “getting” something right away, it’s easier to just give up and move on to the next thing. I myself can say I fell into this a few times throughout the years. This is also something that effects BOTH genders. However, since this is a Bgirl topic, I’ll touch on that. Since I began, there has been a revolving door of women in the US scene. Fast forward to now, not a lot have stuck around. Even when it came to the women my age that were already heavily active some years back, they just dropped like flies. Whether it was life changes, falling out of love with dance, thinking they already paid enough dues, whatever, everyone has their reasons. When it comes to “life distractions”, I feel like I can’t accept that as an excuse for myself, only because I’ve personally fought my way through tireless nights of studying, going to school full-time, working part time, graduating, now having a career and numerous personal events and somehow still found a way to push myself to be IN THIS. But hey, everyones tolerance & situations are different so I can’t speak for everyone. It all depends on how much the individual wants it.

I also believe a good support or mentorship role within the scene has a lot to do with someones up bringing and ability to stay consistent and dedicated. We have a responsibility to the next ones and the right guidance (not hand holding) is a key. I was lucky enough to come into the scene under the guidance of folks who educated me on the importance of history, never let me slack, held me accountable and pushed me at any sign of weakness. It was real tough love! Even up until now I’m lucky enough to still surround myself with like-minded people who push & really care about what we do and why, which is a big reason I’m still here. Thankful to them.

Now, for the next topic of why there aren’t enough “elite” Bgirls in the U.S. I can’t fully agree with that. Just branding someone elite or topnotch doesn’t sit well with me. What makes an elite/topnotch Bgirl anyway? I guarantee you there will be many answers to that, and that’s ok. There should be. But why should we feel like we MUST be on the same “difficulty” level as our male counterparts or the overseas ladies in order to “be somebody”, to be taken seriously or measure our drive? If you think about it, being at a “top” level is based on perception. Not everyone will be impressed by the same thing.

Like Zahra Jeskilz mentioned, one thing that the U.S. has on the overseas territories is VARIETY, and for me, there’s A LOT to be proud of in that alone. I rather be on my style, looking like MYSELF then to follow a trend or cookie cutter expectations of what people THINK we have to do and look like. Sure, I might not be flipping & flying through the air, getting all the oohs and ahhs that others get. But I BELIEVE in what I do and for me, this is first & foremost a DANCE and I am 100% committed to making that a huge point in my own expression. HOWEVER that won’t stop me from wanting to grow. I can’t be stubborn about that. Recently I’ve set goals for myself that have pushed me so far out of my comfort zone to the point where I feel like I’m back at square one. But I know I have to grow & elevate what I’ve been doing, and that never comes easy for anyone.

All in all, I just don’t want to place all U.S. Bgirls under the same generalization that we don’t push as much. I think there are a lot of us out here that really do push ourselves on a regular basis, set higher goals and have been standing on our own. I hate to say this because it sounds “full of myself”… But I don’t do this often so fuck it!! I AM!!! I’m a women who’s been pushing! I’ve been consistent and out here trying my best to set an example and mentor other females within my city. I may not have a “big name” but I’m proud to be one of the representatives from the US, who doesn’t look like anyone else. Not everyone may agree with WHAT I do, but like I said…. I BELIEVE in what I do, I do it with conviction and the same passion as anyone else. THAT is something that should never be overlooked. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”

Crissy B

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