Words from the Wise: DJ Renegade – A message to ALL DJ’s in the community

Our good friend DJ Renegade is often dropping knowledge on Facebook. At times we agree and at times we don’t, but we surely endorse the message below:

Another biggie for today. I could die in the night and this would be left unsaid.
A message to my event DJs…
Please. Be better. Why do you do this?
This artform, which I’ve been passionate about for 30 years…I take it very seriously. Many of you are tourists. Passing through for a little popularity but no love for the art.
This is art.
High level art.
The art of digging. The art of selection. The art of handling. The art of storytelling. The art of pacing. The art of mood control. The art of testing. The art of…I could go on.
If you know me, you know I don’t do the old school/new school pointless arguments but I do think newbies should study their culture. They should develop and PRACTICE their skills BEFORE presenting them. Then PRACTICE some more. Being a collector does not make you a DJ. Being a beatmaker does not make you a DJ. Have some respect.
Blending and beatmixing is a must. You are dumbing down the dancers and the culture when you change songs instead of mixing. Mixing is not just for House music you dingbats. People get confused now when I do it because you have made them stupid(I’m looking at you Hip Hop dancers). We’re aiming for the highest level not the lowest and any dancer that can’t handle a DJ in the mix shouldn’t be qualifying anyway.
And not that it matters but I think you’re all trash for doing that. You have become button pressers. Why even have turntables? Or controllers pretending to be turntables!!? You may as well use an ipod.
Also, DON’T download and play other DJs digs. Every DJ is meant to build their own playlist. Have their own STYLE. Battles on Youtube should not be your source. Dancers should not be your source. You guys have got this ass backwards. Better you play for Sally and her mates in the local nightclub asking for requests. Of course there is some compromise for classics and as some songs become anthems then maybe the rules can be bent a little but in general, 90% of ur selection should be your own digs.
In other news, a shit DJ can destroy a jam for dancers and listeners. You can’t please everyone but aim high. My advice is take it or leave it but I am THE most booked DJ on the scene. Not speaking from a position of weakness.

We would like to add one final statement: PROMOTERS, STOP HIRING WACK DJ’S!!

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  1. Maximus Beebop says:

    Thank you Renengade. Peace from Massachusetts, USA

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