It’s safe to say that the Battle of the Gods sparked major interest from older heads, to get back on it. From what I read some felt a sense of entitlement, but have not been around much. As a younger dude I know my place and can’t speak on it but one of the illest to ever do it in Europe can. Freeze from Ghost Crew is one of EU’s true O.G’s and he put in the work to speak his mind:

Its funny how some og´s all of a sudden are talking like they are mad serious. N training hard etc. Well, news flash, some peeps been consistent since early 80´s. Still in shape n still battle, cypher, teach, judge, travel support and contribute. If you got back don’t expect the scene to recognize you and be all over you giving you props and flying you everywhere. It doesn’t happen that way. U still gotta pay your dues. Let the dance and your efforts NOW speak for you. Not your online chatter and clips from the past. They are good for memories:) Just wanna add. The scene wants all. We are one. Lets just do it the right way.” FREEZE – Ghost Crew

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