Too many changes in our community, some good, others bad and sadly some of the bad are organizations taking advantage of our community for self interest. Shout out to Marlon for never holding back:

“the WORST thing in the WORLD that i HATE is people or organizations that EXPLOIT people!!!!! people that all they do is VULTURE their way onto bigger things BY using other’s HARD WORK or NAMES to gain financially….I am a positive person and i give back to my community 100 fold but IM NOT THE ONE to exploit and neither are my brothers who get exploited by others who we are supposed to trust!!! YOU know who you are STOP doing that, VIOLATORS, DO YOUR OWN WORK, MAKE YOUR OWN NAME SO YOU DONT HAVE TO VULTURE OFF OTHERS THAT DO!!!!!! OPPRESSORS ARE THE WORST WHEN THE OPPRESSORS LOOK AND SOUND LIKE US!!!!! pls dont leave some bs comment on how we should ignore or be the bigger people, because as artists that’s why we starve!!!! stand up for your your WORK!!!!! YOUR ART!!!!!! YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!”

Another video of Marlon speaking truth

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