Words from the wise: Mex One on structure and jams

We need more structure. There are way too many “jams” in our community. While we are free to do as we want when we want. We should always think about the community before our own interest or even “good intentions”. It’s great to want to do things for our community but not at the communities expense. I am no one to dictate who should or shouldn’t throw jams, its a decision one must make for themselves. But before you do, ask yourself random questions like:

• How many years have you genuinely been active in our community? (not on some here 2 years gone 5 but back again)

• Have you traveled extensively across the USA supporting jams, networking and learning what it takes to organize one.

• Do you have access to a quality venue with quality sound system, flooring?

• Can you afford to hire a quality DJ?(A REAL DJ). Hire quality judges?

• Are you consistent with your events or randomly decide when to throw it/them?

• Can you risk losing money but guaranteed your staff, dj/judges/winners will get the payments and prizes promised?

• Do you know your owns states history? Why is represents what it does? Who did what to get it where is at? What are its traditions?

• Are you up to date with not just your local/state community but the USA and global community? Where are the big jams? Who are some key figures? and so on…

• What will your event/events bring to the table? Will not throwing it have a negative impact in our community?

• Are you consider a community leader by others in your state? and lastly but very important:

• Do you really want to be a “promoter”?. Someone that will sacrifice their time, their breaking/dance, their money, and put themselves in a position for others to criticize or hate on?

Anyone can throw a jam, but few can put together the type of quality jams that truly uplift and grow our community. One love.

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