Would you like to be a guest blogger on TheBboySpot.com?

It’s been 6 months now since The Bboy Spot blog was released, and since then we have posted all sorts of blogs covering bboys, bgirls, and events across the world. We have tackled important topics of debate and stayed consistent with new content, almost on a daily basis. We’ve had some close friends become “guest bloggers” for the site, but have not yet opened up the opportunity for the community to submit their blogs.

We set out to give The Bboy Spot blog an identity. In this 6 months, and we feel that we have achieved our goal in that sense, meaning bboys and bgirls now know what to expect from a BBS blog. We don’t do “cute”, we rarely do “funny”, or base our blogs solely on footage. For that reason, we are now more than happy to accept guest bloggers from within the community. We hope The Spot becomes an outlet for others to share their incredible stories or experiences they’ve had in the culture.

If you would love to be a guest blogger at The Bboy Spot, please email us at info@thebboyspot.com and let us know what kind of blogs you have in mind.


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  1. Sydney Miranda says:

    Bringing Back London RAP !!

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