Years ago I asked myself why good rap/Hiphop music can no longer be on the mainstream. We all have that question and an answer to go with it. My question took me back to the summer of 1997. That summer I bought the Wu Tang Forever double disk “enhanced CD” (BTW, The enhanced CD pass code to unlock the features was STANLEY CUPS). All I did that summer was listen to Wu Tang. I would say I listened to that album a good 5 to 10 hours a day on my 10 second anti-skip Sony CD player with massive headphones. The good ol’ days… haha!

My question took me back to 1 track on that CD…WU REVOLUTION.
Wu Revolution was the 1st track from disc 1, the intro. The track is not much of a song, but more of a sermon you would hear in church. The speech speaks about the 5% mentality, the poison corporations sale, knowledge of self, heaven, hell, African kings, evolution and so much more. Millions and millions of teens and early 20 year old’s heard this sermon. Did it have an affect on them? I don’t know, but it sure did on me.


Now back to the original question. Why is good rap/Hiphop not on the radio? How about asking yourselves a better question: Does the music industry or corporations benefit from such words? Does it affect their bottom line? Does the prison system benefit from such words? What kind of an impact does educating the youth through music have on society? Rap was something the youth could relate to. Rap was educating us. Wu Revolution came out in 1997 a mere 2-3 years later the “dirty south” sound took over the radio waves and soon after, good quality rap was all but forgotten.

In the 80’s we had SELF DESTRUCTION:

in the early 2k’s we had DEAD PREZ LETS GET FREE: WOLVES

In 2016 we had Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy’s (I wonder what kind of impact, if any, did Wu Tang Forever have on a young Kendrick)

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