Youval speaks about Menno vs Benji. Our answer to his question.

Last week we made a post addressing the Benji vs Menno call out. Since then, Youval has uploaded a video to his Facebook page (HERE) with his views on the matter in which he addresses a question to us and as promised here is our reply to the question.

The question was:
“When Benji got called out by Karimbo last year in Belgium where were you? It was exactly the same scene reversed. He did a jury demonstration the guy came out and called him out. Benji danced and no one whined about it no one cried about it. Why suddenly because its “Menno” whats the difference? He is a bboy just like anybody else.”

1st things 1st, WHO IS KARIMBO?? I’m sorry I have no idea who he is nor that he called out Benji in the same way. Why would he do it during the middle of an actual competition while Benji has been sitting and judging? Call him out in the cyphers where the battles should take place. Also, I guess Karimbo does not have the magnitude or is world famous like Benji, BUT as you (Youval) stated, things are different in France. When Benji called out Lilou I didn’t speak about it because I thought is was “personal”. There is a long history there so if someone has a personal reason to call out Lilou in anyway he wants, it’s Benji.

Here is the Karimbo vs Benji battle:

By the way, Benji smoked him real bad.

This whole “call out” thing is not about Menno being a champ. A “belt” doesn’t save anyone from a battle nor does it make him any more important so we do agree with you on that part. The reason I spoke up was because I still think it was really wack to basically “plot” or “plan” against someone/anyone in the way this battle was done. You (Yoval) keep saying underground, but this battle was all but “underground”. This was a “showcase” battle done on stage for the cameras. Why not just offer Menno a 10 round expo? Why not call out a bboy when they too are 100% at their best and not just arriving from the train. An artist should want to defeat another artist at his best. When I think underground, I think “organic” “natural” not fabricated.

I also agree with you about the scene getting soft. Everyone is all buddy buddy kissing each others butts and I too would love to see some of the best bboys go at it, but I am also not going to “fabricate” anything to make it happen. Hopefully one day it happens on its own. Beef is needed. (trust me I may not be active like I once was, but I’ve been involved in a few altercations at jams because of beef.)

All in all you said one thing that makes perfect sense. You said all this was a plan to make sure the French Bboy community was in the eyes of everyone and you did it. Everyone in the break world was talking about this battle. All eyes did turn to France and I have to salute you on that. Lastly I appreciate you asking the question. We shared your video on our Facebook and now we’re writing this blog because there is always two sides to every story and you too deserve to tell yours.

Much respect!

Ps. I do not want everyone to think i’m a Benji hater. I was at Pro-Am 2000 – 2001 cheering for Benji. I was there in the park when he battled Exzoobarant in 2001. Great memories. Happy to see him back in the scene.

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3 Responses

  1. Brandon Poythress says:

    So, go in detail about “buddy buddy kissing each others butts”

  2. Vergon one says:

    You should ask to Ground zero about Benji Mex, he is predictable in his actions. Not a bad bboy but he is always looking 4 atenttion. Just check Benji vs Crumbs, or Roonie (stage battles) and you will see that he really likes to get the atenttion of the matter the way it is. Back in the days, he had some good exchanges with Vietnam, Bebe. Junior and more bboys. Paz

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