Mex One interview with Icey Ice – New York City Brekers

Feb. 2007 I(Mex) found myself talking to Icey Ice (New York City Breakers) back stage during Evolution 3 (At the time still ran by myself). Our conversation started organically, it was not an interview but me asking questions to expand my own knowledge. A few minutes after the chat started, Felix (Unique Styles – Fusik) walked into the room and realized the words Icey Ice was speaking needed to be recorded. His words are very… Read more

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The BBOYSpot’s Bgirl Mount Rushmore

On International Women’s Day we dedicated the day to 6 bgirls that paved the way. These women are pioneers, visionaries, trend setters, trail blazers, and an absolute inspiration for thousands of bgirls and bboys across the world. We decided to write a special blog for these 6 amazing women. We’ll be using Mount Rushmore as a point of refence and since Mount Rushmore only has 4 faces on it we’ll be removing 2 bgirls, but… Read more

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“Do we have to “break” a certain way in order to claim to be a bboy or bgirl?”

I posted this statement on my(Mex) personal Facebook page and got such a great response that I decided to share it for everyone to read: “My student is always asking questions. A major one was “Do we have to “break” a certain way in order to claim to be a bboy or bgirl?” My response went something like this: We didn’t grown up in their era or their city(most of us), we don’t talk like… Read more


Legendary Jam: Red Bull BC One Last Chance Orlando Cypher – April. 8th

Our community has come a long way from winning a trophy or $100.00 dollars at a jam. Winning a jam can now reward you with thousands of dollars, experience different countries/cultures across the world and even allow you to make friends world wide. Shoot, we have bboys and bgirls from different countries dating or starting families thanks to the opportunities our community now brings us. With that being said, Red Bull is giving 40+ bboys/bgirls… Read more

Event Recaps

HaviKORO 18th Year Ann. Recap.

This past weekend one of the illest crews in our communities became “legal”. HaviKORO turned 18 years old! While the history of both Havic and KORO goes back 20+ years each. It was at Freestyle Session 5(1999) that both crews united to shake up the break world by defeating Style Elements Crew(possibly the illest crew in the world at the time). HaviKORO Crew 18th Year Ann. became the 5th stop in this years Pro Breaking… Read more


Bgirl Showcase at Battle of the Year 1997

Its International Woman’s Day. We would like to honor the woman in our community, the bgirls. This footage is 20 years old yet its still GOLD. So I decided I was going to write about my 1st video ever, BATTLE OF THE YEAR 1997. BOTY as many now call it, is the longest running bboy event in the world. BOTY 97 means so much to me because it introduced me to a new world. One… Read more

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Remember the name: Victor Montalvo Documentary – Behind the story.

Late Sept. 2015, Red Bull contacted Victor and I (Mex) about taking part in a documentary featuring Victors preparation for Red Bull BC One 2015 Finals in Rome. Vic and I spoke about it, but declined. At the time, Victor was preparing not just to win BC One but to put together the greatest competitive years in the history of our community. Lets take it back a few months. Aug. 2015. Victor had just won… Read more

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Ken Swift V1 Interview

Saint-Petersburg,Russia based jam organization, V1, did an incredible hour long interview on King Ken Swift. The interview is great because it touches on many aspects that need to be spoken on. Topics such as Competitions, Toprocking, specific aspects of Hiphop Culture, The elements separating, Bboy fashion, the importance of footwork for a bboy and more. All in all, its a must watch interview. We are blessed to have our pioneers, our historians, our legends, our… Read more

Words From The Wise

Words from the Wise: DJ Renegade – A message to ALL DJ’s in the community

Our good friend DJ Renegade is often dropping knowledge on Facebook. At times we agree and at times we don’t, but we surely endorse the message below: Another biggie for today. I could die in the night and this would be left unsaid. So… A message to my event DJs… Please. Be better. Why do you do this? This artform, which I’ve been passionate about for 30 years…I take it very seriously. Many of you… Read more

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Rest in Peace Clyde Stubblefield aka The Funky Drummer passes away at 73.

Over the weekend we lost a legend, an iconic man in Pre – Hiphop History. The most sampled drummer in the world, James Brown’s one time drummer and many many more great things. Clyde Stubblefield passed away at the age of 73 in Madison Wisconsin. Stubblefield was the drummer behind such great classics as “Ain’t it Funky Now”, “I Got The Feeling”, “Cold Sweat”. His drum breaks can be heard in classic Hiphop tracks like… Read more

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