Words From The Wise

Words from the Wise: DJ Renegade – A message to ALL DJ’s in the community

Our good friend DJ Renegade is often dropping knowledge on Facebook. At times we agree and at times we don’t, but we surely endorse the message below: Another biggie for today. I could die in the night and this would be left unsaid. So… A message to my event DJs… Please. Be better. Why do you do this? This artform, which I’ve been passionate about for 30 years…I take it very seriously. Many of you… Read more

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Rest in Peace Clyde Stubblefield aka The Funky Drummer passes away at 73.

Over the weekend we lost a legend, an iconic man in Pre – Hiphop History. The most sampled drummer in the world, James Brown’s one time drummer and many many more great things. Clyde Stubblefield passed away at the age of 73 in Madison Wisconsin. Stubblefield was the drummer behind such great classics as “Ain’t it Funky Now”, “I Got The Feeling”, “Cold Sweat”. His drum breaks can be heard in classic Hiphop tracks like… Read more

Feature Event

TBT: To promoters with UDEF/Silverback Bboy Events sanctioned/sponsored jams.

UDEF/SBE took the USA breaking community by storm in 2014. Sponsoring jams left and right. Promising and delivering on these high price money events. Nothing like it has ever taken place in our community. Forget a “2nd place” prize, bboys/bgirls knew that just placing into the top 16 would get them a prize. 2014 was like Christmas all year round. Promoters went from being skeptical to lining up for sponsorship. For 2015, UEDF/SBE is sanctioning/sponsoring… Read more

Freshest Kids

Featured artist: Bboy Blackz

Our community is filled with incredible artist on the floor and off it. About a year ago a bboy from Malaysia caught our eyes with his amazing sculptures. That bboy is Bboy Blackz from Giller Battle Crew and this is his art: Blackz creates these incredibly detailed Hiphop inspired sculptures that are too dope not to feature. His work includes legendary bboys like Crazy Legs and Storm.   We don’t know if his work is… Read more

Clip of the Day

Intact vs Lussy Sky cypher battle

Something rarely seen today. Two “known” bboys going at it just because. With breaking being so competition based and bboys expecting to get paid for expo battles, the rawness of call outs are rare. Its very much common today for some bboys to stretch and warm up back stage vs actually hitting cyphers during the down time. We are all free to do as we want, we can call it the “evolution” of the dance,… Read more


Freestyle Session Worldwide canvases on sale to raise money for Zulu Rema!!

2 week ago we posted the story of fellow bboy Zulu Rema who is in desperately needs of new prosthetic legs. Freestyle Session founder Cros One took it upon himself to start up a Go Fund Me to try and raise the funds for Rema. While the Go Fund Me started strong, it has slowed down a bit. Cros decided to step it up a notch to help raise the balance needed. Original blog HERE… Read more

Event Recaps

Rhythm Spotlight 14 Recap

Last Saturday Jan. 28th. the 1st official stop(in the USA) of the Pro Breaking Tour for 2017 took place in State College Park Pennsylvania. R.A.M. Squad (Penn State University Breaking/Hiphop Club) held its annual Rhythm Spotlight competition. Crews from all over the north east came out to show their support and start out the year right. Top crews such as Street Masters, Beat Whakz, Titanz, Illusives and others were looking to represent to the fullest… Read more


2017 Pro Breaking Tour schedule

The 2017 Pro Breaking Tour schedule is here! It’s time to check your calendars and request those vacation days off for your favorite events of the tour! We are looking forward to another great calendar year of events. Make sure to visit www.UDEFtour.org for future updates and recaps!

Freshest Kids

Each One Reach One: New Prosthetic Legs for Zulu Rema

Shout outs to our brotha Cros One for starting a Go Fund Me for Zulu Rema. Check out what Cros has to say: A few days ago I woke up to a video sent from my sister that was posted on BBCThree Facebook page: Posted by BBC Ouch on Sunday, January 15, 2017 The video was so touching and just reading a lot of the comments asking if there was ways for people to donate were… Read more


TheBboySpot.com is back in FULL EFFECT!!

Hey everyone, hope you all are having an incredible start to 2017. As you may or may not know, we have been very absent from posting blogs or updating our front page. Reason for it? Sadly, in late December someone tried to hack into our web page and triggered a Google warning that prevented many from viewing our front page. If you were one of them, this was the warning you got: But we resolved… Read more

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