For those that may not know, there is an Instagram account named @WaysoftheBboy. The account quotes all type of bboys and bgirls from some of their best quotes on Instagram. The account does not discriminate as it features famous and not so famous name in our community. We have been lucky to be featured on the account. It is our turn to feature them and we do it with our favorites (in no particular order)…. Read more


TBT: Our Story: The Importance of History in Hip Hop.


The lives of any descendant is rooted in the actions made and words said by their ancestors. It is through the story of those who came before us that people can learn from the past and progress towards the future. This is no different when it comes to Hip Hop. From the very beginning, the Hip Hop movement has its roots in humanity’s basic capacity to create and be heard. Whether you are moving on… Read more

Feature Event

Freestyle Session Canada 2016 event recap


Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made a stop in Toronto Canada for the 1st time this year for Freestyle Session Canada: Rock Harder Edition. FSS Canada marked the 7th stop of the year and what a stop it was. For the 1st time in its history, Canada hosted a Freestyle Session qualifier and the breaking community across the country came out in full force to support. Crews from cities such as: Vancouver, Calgary,… Read more

Event Recaps



Over the weekend the Pro Breaking Tour hit the city of sin aka Las Vegas, Nevada, for Circa Las Vegas 2016 held by Mig 187 of Knucklehead Zoo and Nico aka True Rock. In recent years Circa has become one of Vegas most popular breaking events. Crews from all over the west came out to represent and get their shot at the title. World renown crews like Killafornia, Battle Born,Top Killas (Top and Killafornia), Knucklehead… Read more


Happy Birthday shout out to The General Rox Rite!


We would like to send a very special shout out to a great friend… ROXRITE is turning 34 today! What can we say about ROXRITE? He will probably go down as one of the greatest to ever do it, no matter the generation. Rox is a perfect example of what it takes to be a professional bboy and is paving the way for future bboys to be full time bboys. Aside from his skill, he… Read more

Community 1st



Our good friends at Break Free Hiphop School in Houston, TX recently surpassed the 1st week into their 24/7 cypher. Break Free is running their 24 hour cypher marathon in hopes of raising 2,016 scholarships for kids in the Houston area. We at TheBboySpot want to support our friends as they tackle this amazing challenge and while we can only donate so much, with YOUR support we can do more! You can purchase the tee… Read more

Freshest Kids

Salute to Focus and A.T. for DOING IT RIGHT.


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the advertisements by Focus and A.T. pop up on your feed. These advertisement are done to promote the web page in hopes to increase memberships. It’s a business and in business you have to spread the word. We at also do advertisements at times and with FB being such a major tool, why not? It helps spread the word and in most cases it actually works. Focus… Read more

Community 1st

TBT: Create the Escape – Break Free’s Future


One of the greatest things we can say about our community is how it inspires and motivates people to give back to it. Many of us may not have had a lot of opportunities growing up and the Hiphop and breaking community may have given us the opportunities of a lifetime. Located in South East Houston is the Break Free Community Center (BFCC), a safe haven for young children and adults to grow and be… Read more




Houstons only school of Hiphop, Break Free Community Center, tackles its greatest challenge yet! A dance-a-thon that wont end until the school raises 2,016 scholarships for under privilege youths! Check out the full info below: Beginning Wednesday, March 23rd at 5AM, we will be dancing 24/7, rain or shine at an undisclosed public location in Houston — until we raise 2,016 scholarships for Houston area youth. We are 1000% committed in the belief that Hip-Hop… Read more

Bboy Life

TBT:To the BC ONE haters


No event in our community gets as much “hate” or attention as Red Bull BC ONE. Why is that? Simple, it is the most popular event in our community. Some of you may say, “But of course, it’s organized by Red Bull and Red Bull has all this money, and… [blah blah blah]” Haters, not fans of Red Bull, are the ones that make it the most talked about and popular jam in our community worldwide. To the… Read more

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