A step in the right direction…

Ronnie & Lean Rock for Braun Cruzer displayed at The Bboy Spot

In 2011 Braun Shavers, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical razors and shavers, decided it wanted to get involved with the bboy community across the world.

Braun created a campaign featuring Ronnie of Full Force Crew and Lean Rock representing Floor Lords Crew. It was the first time such company invested any sort of resources into our community. Aside of sponsoring Ronnie and Lean Rock, Braun also sponsored events across the world. Unlike music videos or other sources in the entertainment industry that don’t highlight the individuality of a dancer solely for who he or she is, Braun took Ronnie and Lean Rock and put them in the forefront as themselves. To be able to find their packaging at stores across the world is incredible.

Braun Cruzer commercial featuring Lean Rock—

Braun Cruzer commercial featuring Ronnie Full Force—

Our community is young. The next 5-10 years will determine what the bboy community will represent for decades to come. Braun Cruzer campaign will probably not be remembered, but here at The Spot it will always be recognized as a small step in the right direction. Shout outs to Thomas of Battle of the Year for making the Braun deal possible.

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