Bashville Stampede 8

The “Florida crew” consisting of Mex, Kuriouz, Felix, Miniboj, MG, Dwellz and myself packed into a van together for 10 not-so-long-hours, buggin’ out the entire way up to Nashville, TN. Each one of us on a different mission of our own. While I can’t speak for anyone else, my plan was to put in some time behind the viewfinder, hopefully grab some Jack-in-the-Box (We’re deprived) and get in a few rounds of Street Fighter with Quincy. After 10 long hours of getting lost, talking about the community, and forcing gas station food down our hungry mouths we finally arrived at Rocketown… except the workshops were at DC Dance Factory. We pushed our tired selves back into the van and shot across town just in time for Kuriouz to teach his workshop. Now that’s dedication!

DJ B Ryan on Day 2, spinning for nearly the entire event

For the 8th year in a row, Nashville has been home to Bashville Stampede, probably one of the dopest jams in the Mid-South. The event is organized by Qkong, who I met for the first time in Gainesville, FL a few years ago where Soul Cypher was being held. Day 2 of the event was hosted at Rocketown, a huge outreach center a few blocks from downtown Nashville that accommodated every single aspect of the arts. When I tell you this venue was FRESH, it’s an understatement and if you’re ever in Nashville you should definitely make this one of your stops.

We arrived at the event way early, just enough time to check out the venue and set up the Bboy Spot and the Fresh Intelex booth. From then on it was straight photos and video for me which I will let speak for themselves. Peep the footage and drop your comments letting us know what you thought of the event!

Wait… I never got Jack-in-the-Box. 🙁

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