Bboys T-Co and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) get arrested in Venice for no apparent reason

By now most everyone in our community has seen the video of T-Co(Florida Bboy) and Flea Rock (Skill Methodz) getting arrested in the middle of their performance in Venice Beach California. The question is WHY? WHAT DID THEY DO TO DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT? WHY DID THEY GET SINGLED OUT WHEN YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE OTHER PERFORMERS IN THE BACKGROUND THAT NEVER GOT QUESTIONED OR ARRESTED.

Street performing is legal in Venice. Street Dogz (Hitting Crew) are regulars on the boardwalk and have a permanent spot where you can see them perform on a daily basis in Venice.

Let’s make the video go viral and make our voices heard.
We all want to know WHY!??!?!?!

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19 Responses

  1. Justin "JRhee" Rhee says:

    They should present this video to court. If they don’t have to go through trial, they can choose to file grievances (especially T-Co if his arm was actually broken) against Venice PD or the officers, as long as they had nothing illegal on them. This is assuming they are not in a special area that requires a permit. It doesn’t seem like they were being hostile, arrest was not necessary. If anything, a warning or citation would of been the maximum punishment. Glad that they didn’t heavily resist or do something stupid to risk themselves. I hope they are okay and safe.

  2. dick head says:

    I understand that street performances there are legal as visual entertainment. But what happens when it comes to money? I mean, are the performers authorized to collect money from the audience? In many parts around the globe, that´s ilegal. If so, probably they were getting money from the people when the cops appeared……Hopefully that´s not the case though….

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  4. Mike Lee says:

    This is a total outrage. I hope those pigs lose their jobs.

  5. gnomer says:

    STUPID RACIST PIGS. Those boys didn’t do ANYTHING wrong. Fucking bullshit!!

    • Ryan Stanley says:

      how does this make them racist?
      So if i said that i bet you voted for Obama would that make me racist?

      • Brooklyn Terry Wright says:

        Ummm seriously does that question still need to be asked. And if you said I voted for Obama that would make you correct. See the thing about Racism is it cant be PROVEN. However when acts or Racism are carried out those from the communities that it has been carried out on WE kinda know it when we see it. Flea is a Latino male and T-Co an african american male. Now stop for a second and think if this would have been carried out the same way if it was 2 white males. I personally think they would have gotten a citation. AND as a tax payer (If you live in LA that is) you should be pissed because NOW you are paying for these guys go get processed fed held and seen in court for dancing in the wrong place. So to sum it up YES it is a race thing and as a Yes white citizen you should also be pissed because the money you are waisting on the stupidity of these police officers could be being saved for your children’s educations or dance classes from these guys that are being arrested for absolutely NOTHING.

      • gnomer says:

        Fuck Obama. I didn’t vote for that puppet or any other corporate shill cuz I don’t play that illusion of choice game. These young men did nothin wrong and they were mistreated bcuz they’re young and black- the exact opposite type of persyn that the rich ppl of venice wanna see on that boardwalk. They wanna white wash aka gentrify that beach just like they’re tryna gentrify downtown LA and my neighborhood highland park. It’s some fucked up RACIST shit and if u can’t see that Ryan Stanley I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. You’re a cis white male. Wake the fuck up. The world is catered to you- it’s not my job to explain shit to u, educate urself man, wake up.

      • gnomer says:

        i didn’t for obama cuz i dont vote at all. idk abt being a racist cuz idk you at all but i don’t need to get to know you to be able to tell you’re a giant asshole.

  6. MashkaTekoa says:

    I like how everyone is giving the cops crap without even knowing what the actual charges are. Calypso Tumbler’s show has been shut down a number of times over the last ten years due to their noncompliance with spacing restrictions. Although it’s the best show on the boardwalk, other vendors have submitted a lot of complaints. Still, I don’t even know what the charges are so no one is really in the right or wrong at this point.

    Also, every black man in LA knows resisting arrest is the quickest way to get jumped. Once you start acting a tiny bit hostile, it’s over. And no one has to read your rights, especially if you’re just being detained.

  7. Wandi Siswanto says:

    They’re just dancing
    Not killing people
    Stupid racist pig.

  8. Popo says:

    Ya niggas stupid. Somehow you voted for the NSA law to be approved and now when its approved this is what you get. If you have no idea whattafuck you are voting for in the elections, dont vote at all.

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