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TBT: A Bboy Golden Rule

I wanted to write a blog that few or no one in our community would think about writing. There’s one unwritten rule, a rule so big that when broken, crews and families are ripped apart. The rule: DO NOT DATE YOUR CREW MEMBER’S EXGIRL. We all know the term “Bros Before Hoes”. Not to call the EXs “hoes” but the first part of the statement is what we want to focus on: “BROS BEFORE”. Crew… Read more


Hiphop Culture is an artistic form of expression created by the youth. 40 years later some question if Hiphop also has a sport. Breaking has become a very competitive artform. The more organized competitions take place in addition to the new generation not relating to Hiphop as a culture, the more they question if breaking is a “sport”… Instead of pointing out or writing a blog on why breaking is not a sport, we are… Read more


When we first got an email about this documentary (BATTLE CRY) which took place in Germany in 2012, our initial reaction was “Ok, why do we care? It’s not our business, not our problem”, but we eventually decided to check it out. From the opening statement it was on… Letter from the event organizer: Hey, yall, first of all I want to say….If you guys really want to upload this documentary about our organization we will not pay any of you guys…… Read more

Bboy Celebration over War in Ukraine

Probably, many of you have been following the news about Ukraine recently. Bloody conflict between Ukraine and Pro Russian rebels had a major impact within the country and the bboy scene itself. You may even know some bboys or bgirls from Ukraine and wonder what is really going on and how safe it is over there now or in the upcoming future. We spent a few days with Intact, who visited us in Prague, just… Read more

Bboy Spirit in Italy

This past weekend, we attended the Yo Festival in Rome, Italy. Main goal was to award the winners of the jam with free trip to Outbreak Europe 2015, which will take place last weekend of July in Slovakia. However, we do not want to talk about the jam now. Instead, we would like to go a bit deeper and write about our experience and vibe with Italian bboys. Organizer of the jam and the guide… Read more

Meet Steve aka Silverback. The man behind Silverback Bboy Events.

Lots of bboys/bgirls across the world ask us, who is this guy putting all this money into the events? What does he want? Is he trying to buy the breaking community? Why does they care? Just about every question has a what and why. Well everyone, here he is. Meet Steve, aka Bboy Silverback, the man behind the concept of Silverback Bboy Events and key supporter of UDEF Urban Dance & Educational Foundation. Steve aka… Read more


2014 came and went. Many incredible and unforgettable moments will define 2014. From Menno winning Red Bull BC One, The Squadron becoming the 1st back to back Freestyle Session Champions, The birth of Silverback Open Championships, UNDISPUTED World Bboy Championships, UDEF/SBE bursting into the scene to the infamous Lilou vs Alkolil hat smack to the face. Lets hope 2015 will become the greatest year yet! From the infamous line: From here to Fame!


It has been over a week since Freestyle Session 17th Year Anniversary took place and we finally found time to sit back and write up our recap on this incredible event. What can be said about Session 17 that hasn’t been said already? IT WAS INCREDIBLE! A true Hip Hop culture event with all elements represented. The best bboys and bgirls from across the world, world class DJ’s, renown graff writers, an MC performance by… Read more

HaviKORO’s Bboy Marlon brings you, Marlon Lizama THE POET.

Our great friend Bboy Marlon recently released his webpage In his new site Marlon shows a side of himself some may not know, “Marlon Lizama The Poet”. Aside from being a straight up bboy Marlon is a devote and respected poet. His poetry, like his breaking, has taken him across the world and given him the chance to inspire the youth outside of the dance floor. In addition to the web page, Mr Lizama… Read more


I was invited to attend the first ever Silverback Open Championship event last weekend in Philly. Like many I wanted to see what SBE & UDEF is all about and what better way than being there in person to witness it. For starters, we had a super official welcome dinner at Ruth Chris Stake House. UDEF treated everyone that attended. A perfect way to start the weekend. As for the jam, as soon as I… Read more

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