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Featured artist: Bboy Blackz

Our community is filled with incredible artist on the floor and off it. About a year ago a bboy from Malaysia caught our eyes with his amazing sculptures. That bboy is Bboy Blackz from Giller Battle Crew and this is his art: Blackz creates these incredibly detailed Hiphop inspired sculptures that are too dope not to feature. His work includes legendary bboys like Crazy Legs and Storm.   We don’t know if his work is… Read more

Each One Reach One: New Prosthetic Legs for Zulu Rema

Shout outs to our brotha Cros One for starting a Go Fund Me for Zulu Rema. Check out what Cros has to say: A few days ago I woke up to a video sent from my sister that was posted on BBCThree Facebook page: Posted by BBC Ouch on Sunday, January 15, 2017 The video was so touching and just reading a lot of the comments asking if there was ways for people to donate were… Read more

Alex Solis: Dope bboy, famous artist.

Milwaukee’s own Alex Solis (Motion Disorderz Crew) is a veteran of the USA breaking community. Alex along with his crew (Motion D) made a big name for themselves in the early/mid 2k’s. Myself (Mex) and my crew (USC) had to face them in battle a few times. While hitting the competitive breaking scene hard across the states, we would often run into each other eventually becoming friends. Alex always had a black book with him,… Read more

Salute to Focus and A.T. for DOING IT RIGHT.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the advertisements by Focus and A.T. pop up on your feed. These advertisement are done to promote the web page in hopes to increase memberships. It’s a business and in business you have to spread the word. We at also do advertisements at times and with FB being such a major tool, why not? It helps spread the word and in most cases it actually works. Focus… Read more

TBT: The Freshest Kids: The Rise Of Minnesota

In our ‘Freshest Kids’ segment, I always write about a young up and coming bboy to take notice of, however in this case I decided to flip it and write about the biggest, and probably the best, up and coming scene in the USA; The Minnesota bboy community. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Minnesota??!!’, and if you are from oversees, you may not know much about Minnesota because for years all you’ve known of is New York, California,… Read more


Coming up in the scene in the early 2k’s you always heard about certain guys. Guys like Moy who reached super stardom at a very early age. Then you had guys like Crumbs, Remind, Kmel, Megus and other bboys that made their name in the mid/late 90’s. In the mix of that you had a new generation hungry for their time to shine. There was 1 bboy few know about and this bboy may have… Read more

The Freshest Kid

Ok, so I am always giving older heads mad props and showing them mad love and support so today I decided to flip it. Why not give some light to someone I feel is the illest young bboy in the world right now? Remember, it’s just my personal opinion and nothing more.  That Bboy is my little homie Fleau from Sweet Technique (Quebec, Canada). Fleau understands the dance the way most won’t ever do it,… Read more

Bboy P-Nut… From the City of Wind

In 2005 I became good friends with the homie J-Boogie from Self X. We would run into each other often at jams all over the states. J started telling me about his little boy, P-Nut. He would tell me how P-Nut would come home from school and practice on his own and how P-Nut would listen to breaks before going to sleep. P-Nut was probably 7-8 around this time and two years ago I finally got to meet… Read more

MC ULTRA; “I don’t rap like a big poop.”

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