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Mex One interview with Icey Ice – New York City Brekers

Feb. 2007 I(Mex) found myself talking to Icey Ice (New York City Breakers) back stage during Evolution 3 (At the time still ran by myself). Our conversation started organically, it was not an interview but me asking questions to expand my own knowledge. A few minutes after the chat started, Felix (Unique Styles – Fusik) walked into the room and realized the words Icey Ice was speaking needed to be recorded. His words are very… Read more


Taking it back to 2012. Most of what Mex states still holds 100% truth. Out plans of expanding The Bboy Spot center have gone from renting to hopefully one day owning our own facility. Shout outs to Strife TV for hosting this interview. Interview below. Strife TV recently started hosting weekly Q&A chat sessions on their Facebook page, which gives fans of their page the opportunity to submit questions to various figures in the bboy community. Since the… Read more

TBT: BBoy Physicx 2014 Interview

B-boy Physicx has been breakin’ since 1996. He is in Rivers Crew, Floor Gangz, and Movement Called Brother Green. First of all, thank you for allowing us to interview you. Quick self-introduction please. Hey everyone. This is Bboy Physicx. Big shout outs to Stedlove and The Bboy Spot. A lot of people are wondering how you are doing these days. How is your life recently? I have been just chillin’ and thinking a lot of… Read more

Bboy Silverback Interview by Dance Mogul Magazine

Dance Mogul Magazine recently sat down with Steve aka Bboy Silverback the founder of UDEF’s Pro Breaking Tour, Silverback Bboy Events and Silverback Open Championships. Silverback shared his breaking history and spoke about New York, The Roxy, The South Bronx, hitting in the streets of New York with legendary hitter Wayne Blizz and more. Dance Mogul asked him the questions everyone in our community wants to know. Questions like: What is your vision with UDEF?… Read more


A few years back I met a group of kids hungry to leave their mark in the break world. Year after year these kids came to Outbreak Hiphop festival and one of them would often stay with me in Florida for long periods of time during his summer break. These kids went from attending Outbreak 6 Hiphop festival (not coming close to making the battles) to winning the final Outbreak Hiphop Festival in history. These… Read more

Catching up with Tino Rock – Max Crew – Floor Gangz – Korea TBB

B-Boy Tino Rock was born in December 27th, 1984. He is considered one of the pioneers in Korea Breakin Scene. He has been dancing over 16 years now and currently live in Busan, Korea. He represents Max Crew, Floor Gangz World Wide, The Bronx Boys Rockin Crew Korea. First of all, thank you for accepting the interview. Please introduce yourself Tino! Alright. My name is Tino Rock and a person who is thankful for my… Read more

Preserving the Truth: Cypher Adikts

As you guys may know, we teamed up with Jeskilz to bring Cypher Adikts to the East Coast for the very first time. I wanted to write the meaning and impact that an event like C.A (Cypher Adikts) can bring to the community but why not ask the creator herself… Jeskilz. Mex: Yo yo what’s good Je? Hope all is well in L.A. Jeskilz: Watup Mex! Everything is good. Mex: Dope, that’s what’s up. Excited for… Read more

Knowledge Reigns Supreme: Roxrite Interview

While browsing Youtube we came across Roxrite‘s StrifeTV interview at Outbreak 7 Hiphop Festival and one thing stood out; it got 53,000 hits! 53,000 hits?!?! Interviews usually get about 5k – 10k. Then we heard the interview again and we realized Rox dropped some crazy knowledge. He went into detail about why he believes he won RedBull BC One and what his style represents. Before we continue, I want to say a little something about… Read more

The Man Behind The Camera: Daniel from Strife.TV

Everyone’s favorite task to do on the internet is discovering new things that are relevant to our interests. But in order for people to find new content, someone out there needs to create it. Furthermore, the time and effort that goes into that too often goes unnoticed. We felt it’d be good to put the spotlight on one of our close friends from Strife.TV and have him explain how he came to be in our community…. Read more

What’s new with THE KID

One of my most memorable moments being involved with the Bboy community was actually when I came back to it. For a little while I wasn’t hanging out with my crew and to make a long story short, life had taken over. But when I did come back to it I was living in a place we christened the “USC headquarters”. Pretty much every popular bboy from around that time (’06-’09) had visited our home…. Read more

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