Choreographed by Kid David…

Want to learn how to dance like The Kid? Well…you’re going to need a lot more practice for that…haha, but in the meantime there’s always video games! Kid David was given the pleasure of working with the folks over at UbiSoft to choreograph some moves for their dance game: THE HIPHOP DANCE EXPERIENCE.

Normally I’ve played games like this before and I feel just as stupid as I look when playing them, but one look at this video and it makes me feel like after this session I’ll be ready for the BC ONE!…..well not really… but still. I can dream right? Mucho props to David and all his recent accolades and dont forget to check out more videos and info on his tumbler here.

UPDATE: After posting the story we heard the following from David: Bboy Luigi assisted me”. Gotta give props where they’re due!

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2 Responses

  1. JtheKiD says:

    Video games + BBoying = YES!
    Kid David and Luigi are dope. I hope to see a full BBoy Dance Experience game.
    Sharing this with everyone I know.

  2. anderson veronesi says:

    quando que sai este jogo e para qual console??

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