Circle Industry 2012 Wrap-up

It's all about the cyphers!

The Bboy Spot attended Circle Industry and what can we say? WOW!! Circle Industry is one of EU’s best bboy events. Circle Industry started on Saturday with workshops featuring Marlon (Havikoro), Lil G (Speedy Angels), Dyzee (Supernaturalz), and Sophie (MOT) with doors opening soon after. At 6:30PM, what made Circle Industry such a great event was the fact that it was designed for bboys rather than an audience. The vibe created by a great sound system, lighting, and dope music provided by DJ B-Ryan and Cosmic had the cyphers going both days of the event. Day 1 was all about prelims and cyphers. 70+ Crews competed for a chance at 8 spots. A bgirl crew from Poland, represented by Zofia and Lady Flow killed it in the prelim battle—one of the major highlights of Day 1.

“…the event was A+ all the way. Great host, great vibes, music, battles and cyphers.”

..And more cyphers!

Day 2 took off with the Red Bull BC One AUSTRIA cypher for the local bboys to qualify for a European round which will take place this year in Holland. The event was packed. It reached the venue capacity with 600-700 bboys in attendance. The 8 qualified crews from the previous day were facing the top 8 invited/qualified crews such as Skill Methodz (USA), Havikoro (USA), Main Ingredients (USA), Rugged Solutions (Holland), Supernaturalz (Canada), MOT (Austria), Prodigy (Austria), and Da Klan (Italy). The Top 16 battles followed right after the BC One cypher and EVERY battle was fire. Rugged Solutions came out ready for war, taking down 2 legendary crews; Skill Methodz and Havikoro before eventually falling in the finals to Dyzee and Puzzles reppin’ Supernaturalz. Overall, the event was A+ all the way. Great host, great vibes, music, battles and cyphers.

A major shout out to DJ Cosmic for putting the event together. Peace!

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