Clip of the Day: Outbreak 8 World Finals Official Trailer

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia is coming to life the last weekend of July for what many people are referring to as “Eight Days of Craziness”. Banska Bystrica will become, “The Spot” to be at for Hip Hop heads all over the world. For the first time in history, Outbreak Hiphop Festival World Finals will take place outside of the USA. With qualifiers in countries such as Holland, Russia, Balkan region, Romania, France, Slovakia, Spain, USA, France, and more, Outbreak is expecting attendance from bboys & bgirls from over 50 countries worldwide. Bboy week in Slovakia will start on Sunday, July 22nd with the 5-day bboy/bgirl summer camp, Catch the Flava International, organized by Polskee Flavour in cooperation with The Bboy Spot. Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival will start the prelims on Friday, July 27, followed by finals on Saturday and a special Country vs Country battle on Sunday. More than anything, Outbreak 8 will be about good times, vibes and crazy after parties. Having fun and creating memorable experiences is what Outbreak Hiphop Festival has always been about.

We look forward to building, growing and establishing friendships with peeps from all over the world that share the same love and views as we do. Besides the new trailer, we are also bringing out new Outbreak 8 gear, this time not only for males but also for girls. Check them out!

See you soon!

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