Community 1st: Help fund the ‘Create Your Escape’ program at the Break Free Community Center!

For 2013, Bboy Moy and his team at the Break Free Community Center in Houston, Texas have created a YEARLY, FREE dance program that will allow youth ranging from ages 5 on up to participate, twice a week. The program will focus on educating on the history of the dance, applying successful training tips, encourage healthy living, teaching basics to advanced technique, and creative expression. Through their fundraising efforts, the goal of the BFCC is to be able to offer this program FREE for the community all year! All funds donated will go towards administration costs, facility requirements, honorarium for guest teachers, and custom t-shirts for all our students.

Last year, I, Moy Rivas opened my very own community center in the Southeast area of Houston, Texas with a passion of reaching youth in my community and providing them a place of instruction, inspiration and direction.

Break Free Community Center is open Monday through Friday FREE of Charge to anyone looking for a fresh and positive environment. We are a center operated by passionate individuals that want to make and create an impact on our community. -MOY

For more information on their mission and to find out how you can contribute to this great cause, check out the official fundraiser page here. You can also learn more about how the BFCC is making a difference in their community at, and through their Facebook page at

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