Community Center

The Bboy Spot venue is a FREE practice facility for Bboys Bgirls
and anyone that wants to learn more about what Hiphop Culture is all about.
We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm unless we are holding a
special event. Please check out our calendar on the FRONT PAGE for daily availability.

Aside from the practice facility, we also offer special workshops and classes to help young
bboys & bgirls enhance their skill but most importantly, their knowledge of our culture. The Spot has been blessed to have been able to hold workshops and panels for legends such as:

  • Trac 2 (1st generation bboy and Hiphop historian)
  • Ken Swift (regarded as the greatest bboy of all time)
  • Nako (Pioneer of the rocking dance)
  • Alien Ness (President of Zulu Kingz)
  • Freeze (1st generation European Bboy).

Many of today’s ELITE bboys have also held workshops in our facility. Bboys like:

  • Rox Rite (San Francisco)
  • Moy (Houston)
  • Flea Rock (Miami)
  • Teknyc (Tampa)
  • Born (S. Korea)
  • Thesis (Seattle) and many more

The Spot also offers a massive library of over 100 Hiphop & breaking VHS tapes, DVD’s and books. From legendary documentaries such as “STYLE WARS” to classic VHS Tapes like “BBOY SUMMIT 2” From the old to the new. Our Hiphop book collection includes legendary books such as Hiphop Files, Dondi Style Master General, Born in the Bronx, Back in the Days and over 20 more titles.

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Our name may be The Bboy Spot but Hiphop Culture is what we teach and represent.

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