Community First: Dance For Canswer

The good people at  Big Or Bigger, a California based organization that utilizes a variety of creative mediums to raise awareness and funds for social and health-related causes, recently organized the first ever bboy version of their Dance For Canswer workshop series in San Diego. Proceeds from the 3 hour workshop, which was taught by Roxrite, were donated to the  Sarcoma Foundation of America.


To say that this Dance for Canswer workshop was filled with immense amounts of LOVE is an understatement. This workshop showed that people are willing to really give back selflessly.

First off, for those of you who don’t know who Roxrite is, he is a world renowned bboy that has been an influential figure for a while. His technicality, his freeze combinations and strategic style has won him first place in 70+ different competitions, and inspired numerous bboys in the scene. Not only has Roxrite been involved with the hip-hop scene, he has also been giving back consistently. Last year, he offered to personally donate $100 to the bboy/bgirl scholarship established by TheBboySpot (Biggest&Baddest). As a fierce and determined bboy, he has won nine consecutive tournaments. His kind, honest, and humble attitude towards people and in life is something that we at Big or Bigger admire. From the get-go, Roxrite was down to give the workshop without any hesitation, and he insisted on giving all the proceeds to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

As with all our workshops, we started with a Mission Moment. People who have personally been affected by cancer share their stories with the attendees. This time, we had our own Dance for Canswer coordinator, Chris, share his story, and The Stanley Project he started in honor of his brother. Chris’ brother Stanley was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2010. Unfortunately Stanley passed away in November of 2011. Through his story, Chris inspired many attendees at the workshop and carried a good message…that is to always tell the people you love that you love them, don’t wait. Love others around you selflessly, care about the others around you even if they’re strangers. Give back to the community selflessly. And LIVE/LOVE LIFE.”

The workshop turnout was simply stunning. With over 30 bboys and bgirls, the room was filled with people that wanted to give back to the community and share that same passion. The energy in the room was amazing, everyone was feeding off of each others’ positive energy. We truly utilized our passion for bboying that day to effect positive change in the world!

-Chris Kuo (Instant Noodles Crew- founder of The Stanley Project & Dance For Canswer Organizer)

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Photos: Darlene Bada

Video: Thomas Tsai

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