Day of Digging: B.T. Express

Over the weekend the Spen, Bunz and myself went to a local record shop in Orlando, FL called Rock and Roll Heaven to see if we could find any good records. While digging, you can find records from James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimmy Castor and many many great artists but on this occasion one record stood out—B.T. EXPRESS: DO IT (‘TIL YOU’RE SATISFIED).

This is a great track, very smooth, very mellow, something to really vibe out to when you’re in the cypher or relaxing at home. The track was a #1 hit in the R&B charts in 1974 and #2 on Billboard Hot 100. Can you believe it? In 1974, “DO IT” was what we know today as “pop music”! “Pop music” did not exist in that era.
The record cover is so dope because it takes place in pre-graffiti NYC. The walls were spotless and if you see the train on the back cover it shows no signs of graff. Inside, the record comes with a sheet consisting of the lyrics in English and Japanese… Japanese?!!?

I am very happy to add this record to my very small collection. What ever you do, DO IT TILL YOU’RE SATISFIED.

Note: Spen ended up picking up the Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean 12″ Vinyl and Bunz picked up two 12″ Soul compilations.

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