“Do we have to “break” a certain way in order to claim to be a bboy or bgirl?”

I posted this statement on my(Mex) personal Facebook page and got such a great response that I decided to share it for everyone to read:

“My student is always asking questions. A major one was
“Do we have to “break” a certain way in order to claim to be a bboy or bgirl?”
My response went something like this:
We didn’t grown up in their era or their city(most of us), we don’t talk like them, act like them, dress like them or even truly “dance” like them. And that’s ok BUT the moment you claim to be a bboy or bgirl, you are now using a word that belongs to their era, their city, their lifestyle, their fashion, their dance. If you’re a bboy or bgirl, its important to carry on tradition. Take what they created and add your style to it. But to TAKE it, you must 1st learn it. Only then can you add to it.”
Mex One

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  • Imac Philly

    b boy here…. I feel you should learn the basic. then ad your own flavor. take time and watch ol school bboys. research the history………not his story

    • Pluto Seven Tbb

      Absolutely, but unfortunately many don’t do the research…I build with 1st and 2nd generation bboy’s and have managed to uncover a wealth of information, history and knowledge from them that only a select few are aware of, when a release my research we will see who really is down with learning the true history….

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