Gifts from Our Friends: Solo 138 The Bronx Boys

"Da Lizard" found its way on many subway trains in the early 80's.

Last year our good friend Solo138, head DJ for TBB(The Bronx Boys), surprised us with a super dope gift: Two reprints of Cheech Wizard Volume 1 and 2 by Vaughn Bode. Now if you don’t know Cheech Wizard or Vaughn Bode, we have to take you back to the early stages of graffiti culture.

Vaughn Bode created Cheech Wizard in 1956 at the age of 15 but the comics actually didn’t go into circulation until 1967. The comic strips were very influential on the early stages of graffiti characters. It was known that many graffiti writers who read the comic strips used Bode’s work as a heavy source of inspiration. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Cheech, his side kick Razzberry, and the naked ladies that Bode often drew in the comics started appearing on graffiti trains in New York.

Vaughn Bode eventually passed away in 1975. He never got to see the cultural impact his work left on our culture. Cheech Wizard, Razzberry and their ladies stand as the most ICONIC characters in graff history. Writers of today are still using Bode’s work as a major source of inspiration. Companies like PUMA have released Cheech Wizard Puma Suede’s and clothing. MC’s like the Beastie Boys and Aesop Rock have reference Cheech in their lyrics.

We are very honored to have Cheech Wizard Vol 1 & 2 in our Hiphop books/magazines library.

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