GrindTimeNow: Lounge Battles 9

Earlier last month, The Bboy Spot was home to Lounge Battles 9, presented by Madd Illz and GrindTimeNow. The event showcased over 19 MC performances, a 32-man MC rumble, a memorable 2vs2 MC street battle, performance battles and a producers battle showcasing some of Florida’s most talented producers. To top it all off, MURS and Wordsworth both made guest appearances to help host the event, judge the battles, and just chill with the crowd.

GrindTimeNow: Lounge Battles 9 - MURS, Wordsworth

MURS and Wordsworth made their guest appearances

The event was held over a span of three days with Friday night consisting solely of the performance battles. The performance battle was basically a competition between artists to see who could move the crowd the best while performing songs off any of their albums. Saturday, the 2vs2 battles took place which is basically similar to a 2vs2 bboy battle. Each round is timed with each side able to switch back and forth with their partner at any time. Needless to say, all the battles were worth watching; there was nothing boring about any of the battles.

GrindTimeNow: Lounge Battles 9 - General Surgeon

Surgeon General and Mosh Jelton in the 2VS2 battles against NoEmotion Goldmask and Farnum

Following the 2vs2 semifinals, the MC rumble was just that—a chaotic battle between MCs paired up at nearly a dozen stations all spittin’ at the same time until only two MCs remained. Sunday kicked off the producers battle which had just as many (if not more) entrants as the 2vs2 battles. Producers were given 3 rounds each to showcase their compositions to the judges. The 2vs2 MC battles also wrapped up to crown this year’s champs. All-in-all, the event attracted a pretty good crowd and a ton of participants, leaving no doubt in my mind that this scene is very much alive here in Orlando, being that I just moved here a little more than a month ago. Promotional battles and performances were all sprinkled in throughout the entire event, keeping things interesting and breaking up each segment—good for the MCs and for those of us doing media.

GrindTimeNow: Lounge Battles 9

Federal Ranga vs James Roig

Now I’m pretty familiar with the GrindTimeNow videos but this was actually my first time attending a GTN event let alone Lounge Battles. I didn’t know what to expect but it ended up being a dope event. All the MCs I met were cool peoples. It also seems like the MC community is pretty tight knit as everyone seems to have slept with someone’s mom or girlfriend…ZING! But all jokes aside, Madd Illz threw a dope event and I know I’ll be attending more of them in the future. Shout outs to all the MCs, DJs, producers, and everyone else who came through to show support!

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