Our friends Motor City Rockerz are calling out for your help! The local Hip hop cultural center, 5 E Gallery, is in danger of being shut down and they are looking for the community’s support to help raise enough funds and awareness to keep the center open. 5 E Gallery is the ONLY Hip Hop community space in metro Detroit. The 5 E Gallery is a non-profit visual art and hip-hop culture gallery located in the Historic Corktown District of Detroit. 5 E was founded by DJ Sicari as an outlet for the Detroit art and music communities to express themselves, learn, and grow. Their mission is to increase public awareness of the visual arts, music, and community through exhibitions and educational programs.

The center provides space for graffiti artists to have legal walls, DJs to master turntablism skills, and Bboys/Bgirls to practice & hold events. Taught and held by Motor City Rockerz, 5 E Gallery provides a safe space for Hip Hop to live in Detroit

If you’d like to contribute to this cause, you can do so by sending Paypal donations to Another way of helping is by sharing this information on your social media pages,
The bboy & bgirl community of Detroit is pushing hard to save this building! 
For more information, visit

This is WHO GOT DA PROPz 3 MI.VS CHICAGO BATTLE, an example of why bboys in Detroit need this space for jams, practicing, and teaching classes:

This video is all about Dilla Youth Day kinda all encompassing of what the gallery is about:

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