Keep The Beacon Lit!

Winter 2013, Massive Monkees were granted a beautiful 2000+ square foot studio space in the International District of Seattle. Titled “The Beacon”, Massive Monkees have used this grant of space to teach, perform and bring people together through community events.In just over 3 months of operation, nearly 400 students have signed up for classes at the Beacon! In addition, we have partnered with and now host some of the best teaching artists from the Northwest and from around the world. The Beacon has also¬†successfully launched a free after school program along with Massive Monkees’ partner organization, Extraordinary Futures, the nation’s first dance-based leadership program.

Unfortunately our term with Storefronts Seattle is soon coming to an end but we are hoping to keep the studio open. Here is how YOU can help KEEP THE BEACON LIT!

We will be launching an online fundraising campaign on April 20th 2013 to make necessary studio upgrades to continue operations long-term for our students, performers and community partnerships. The countdown to this fundraiser launch begins today!

The Beacon is just getting started and we have had an amazing amount of success far beyond what we could have ever expected. We recognize this success does not happen without the support of our community. Thank you to all who have supported Massive Monkees & The Beacon and Thank you in advance to all who will support us in this mission to KEEP THE BEACON LIT! – Massive Monkees


We proudly support Massive Monkees in their mission to continue building in their community, and we hope that you do too. If you are interested in learning more about The Beacon, or if you would like to support this great cause, you can do so by contributing to their KickStarter fundraiser page here. All contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Keep The Beacon Lit!

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