Ken Swift V1 Interview

Saint-Petersburg,Russia based jam organization, V1, did an incredible hour long interview on King Ken Swift. The interview is great because it touches on many aspects that need to be spoken on. Topics such as Competitions, Toprocking, specific aspects of Hiphop Culture, The elements separating, Bboy fashion, the importance of footwork for a bboy and more.

All in all, its a must watch interview. We are blessed to have our pioneers, our historians, our legends, our founding fathers still with us today. Take advantage of it. If you ever see them at a jam, talk to them, take their workshops. One day we will only have clips of them to go by.

Shout outs to V1 on a great interview. Russian and the Eastern Europe Hiphop scenes are some of the best in the world, a big reason why is because of the way they seek knowledge and education on the culture.

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