Outbreak 10 Hip Hop Festival Contest

The Bboy Spot & BIGGEST&BADDEST are teaming up to bring you our biggest contest yet! We want to see how innovative and creative our supporters really are. The GRAND PRIZE? An all-expenses paid trip (That includes your flight, hotel, and transportation!) to Orlando, FL on October 10th-12th to the FINAL Outbreak Hip Hop Festival! The Grand Prize winner will ALSO get a $500 shopping spree here at The Bboy Spot. That’s right! You not only get to come to one of the LARGEST jams in the States for FREE but you also get to rack up on some new gear!

Tell me how to enter!?

Well first you have to get your hands on any of our hot new paper toys. Put it together (try not to cut yourselves!) and then grab a nice camera, or borrow one from your friend and snap a photo of the toy in any way you find to be dope, creative, or just flat out crazy. Once you have your photo, email it to us using the form at the bottom of this page. Once we get your photo, we’ll upload it to our Facebook page for the world to see and we’ll tag you in it. Make sure that you LIKE The Bboy Spot’s Facebook page otherwise we won’t be able to tag you. Once you see your photo there, if you have Instagram you can also upload your photo and tag #thebboyspot and #biggestandbaddest to let all the Instagrammers see your entry. This isn’t a required step but it may help your chances of winning. That’s all you gotta do!

I just entered. Now what?

Once your photo is on The Bboy Spot’s Facebook page, feel free to share it with your friends and let them know you’ve entered! On August 26th, 2013 the Bboy Spot Staff will post up our Top 50 favorite photos from the entries. From there, the Squadron will choose 5 people from the Top 50 and announce them the following week on September 2nd.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

You just need to enter! YOU ONLY GET 1 ENTRY. Factors that do influence being picked will be things like originality, creativity, and effort. If you just send us a photo of the paper toy on your desk then chances are you’ll blend in with everyone else and won’t get picked. You want to STAND OUT! If you manage to get your photo viral, even BETTER! Share it with your friends on social media, post it on your website or blog. Set yourself out from the rest of the contestants to make sure you get noticed.

What if I don’t get first place?

Glad you asked! We are giving awards to the TOP 5. Here’s what we’re giving away for the runner-ups:

2nd place will get a $100 gift certificate to The Bboy Spot, 2 limited edition prints from artist, SPEN1, 4 GIANT B&B Paper Characters (1 of each) and 4 normal sized B&B paper characters (1 of each).

3rd place will get a $75 gift certificate to The Bboy Spot, 1 limited edition print from artist, SPEN1, 2 GIANT B&B paper characters, and 4 normal sized B&B paper characters (1 of each).

4th place will receive a $50 gift certificate to The Bboy Spot, and 4 B&B paper characters (1 of each).

5th place will receive 1 GIANT B&B paper character and 4 normal sized B&B paper characters (1 of each).

Okay! So where do I send my photo again?

Just fill out the form below to enter!

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