Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival Day 1 & 2 Official Recap

With so much taking place during Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival, we decided it was best to break down the highlight clips instead of compressing everything into one. The first highlight clip showcases what was part of Polskee Flava’s Catch the Flava summer camp that we helped organized. The camp featured workshops from legendary bboys Ken Swift, Freeze and Ivan along with Japanese O.G bboy Kazuhiro.

The clip also highlights the grand opening of Outbreak 8 with a free BBQ over at The Bboy Spot Europe headquarters. Over 200 bboys and bgirls came out to show their love and support while enjoying a great meal and great times before the madness that was to come.

The last segment of the clip showcases day 1 of Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival. What can we say? The event was madness. Far beyond what we expected. Europe came out in full effect to show why Outbreak 8 world finals in Europe was a genius idea. Stay tuned for many more blogs to come.

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  1. BboyKenFreshh says:

    “So Freshh haha!”

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