Event Recaps

Massive Monkees Weekend 2017 recap

Last May 19th – 21st weekend the breaking community celebrated one of the most respectable crews in our culture, Massive Monkees. For the last 2 decades Massive has been one of the most consistent, inspirational, competitive and professional crews to come out of our community. Their achievements are so special that they became the 1st crew of their generation to be recognized by their city(Seattle) and given the key to the city + their own… Read more

Bboy Life

Bboy News Podcast Show

If you’ve been in the scene for the last 10 years, its impossible for you not to know about “Bboy News”. The always entertaining and comical bboy show hosted by bboy Smurf and Casper. The show covers what goes on in the breaking community, but always with a twist.. Smurf and Casper say what others won’t, openly diss certain events, bboys, and bgirls but always in a funny and joking (but not really) type way…. Read more

Feature Event

Massive Monkees Day 2017 Week!

Its Massive Monkees Week! Hailed as one of the illest crews of its generation, MM has stayed consistent and devoted to the community for nearly 20 years. Massive is one of the few crews to be recognized by their city and given the “Key to the city” and official “Day”. Beloved by just about everyone, Massive is like the coolest cool kids. True to their crew philosophy and style, Massive has become somewhat of at… Read more

Event Recaps

RBC Invitational 2017 Recap

This past Sunday May 7th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 13th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. This time, the tour hit East Burke, VT. The event? RBC Invitational 2017. You can say this was a “pop up” event. Its the 1st time its ever taken place, and came out of no where. The event took place at a very prestigious Ronnie Berlack Center at Burke Mountain Academy. Over 50 Olympians including two… Read more

Event Recaps

Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s Recap

This past Saturday May 6th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 12th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. The stop? Bridgeport, CT. for Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s. SLC8’s makes its return to the PBT as a Future Series event. What makes Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s different? The concept. 8 high level bboys invited to battle it out among each other to see who comes out on top. Check out the invited bboys featured in… Read more


Breakin News: Vitor( MFKids – Squadron) newest Red Bull BC One All Star.

Victor (MF Kids – Squadron) was announced as the newest member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Victor has been killing it in the scene for years now and his 2015 competitive year is considered the greatest competitive year in the Breakin’communities history. His body of work when it comes to BC One competitions is 2nd to none (or maybe only to few). Check out his resume when it comes to Red Bull… Read more


Break ILL California: Red Bull BC One Los Angeles Cypher – June 3rd.

With the southeast BC One Cypher in the books, its time to move on to the west coast. Who will join Frankie – Supreme Beings(Southeast qualifier winner) in Amsterdam? With Los Angeles being the biggest “break city” in the USA(numbers wise) the talent pool is expected to be world class. The Orlando Cypher had 100+ register to compete, will L.A hit 150? 200? Get ready L.A, this one is going to be ILL. Cypher Adikts… Read more

Event Recaps

Rock Harder III X Freestyle Session Canada Recap.

Sunday April 9th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 9th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. This time the tour went north of the border for the 1st time in 2017. The stop? Toronto Canada. The jam? Rock Harder III X Freestyle Session Canada hosted by none other than Toronto’s own UBL. RH3 X FSS Canada featured 2 vs 2 breaking battle for $1,000.00(1st place) $500.00(2nd place) with 3rd and 4th place taking $200.00… Read more

Event Recaps

Master The Art 14 recap

On Saturday April 1st, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 8th official stop of the 2017 calendar year in Saline, Michigan. The event? Master The Art 14. In its 14th edition, Master The Art is one of the longest running events in the mid west. With Michigan having such a young and promising scene, MTA14 was a perfect event for new up and coming bboys/bgirls to showcase their skills and test themselves vs bboys/bgirls of… Read more

Words From The Wise

Words from the wise: Hiphop Icon – Phase 2

A few weeks back I (Mex) shared a few words that I used to explain to my student. I was explaining why someoneone should break a certain way if they want to claim that they’re a bboy/bgirl. The words received so much attention that I decided to turn them into a blog post, which in turn, got major attention. In fact, the blog got so much attention that it reached a Hiphop Icon, a legend…. Read more

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