TBT: RedBull BC One’s Turn It Loose official Trailer

in 2007, Red Bull BC One started work on a documentary that focused on the life of 5 bboys as they prepared for Red Bull BC One 2007 in Soweto South Africa. Lilou, Ben-J, Ronnie, Taisuke, Hong 10 and Rox Rite opened up to the cameras to tell their stories. A story that has to do more about the trials and tribulations of life. Lilou opens up about his Islamic faith and how he uses… Read more

Event Recaps


Once again the event I call the granddaddy of the them all(google the reference) came, saw, conquered. Freestyle Session which by many is regarded as the most important event in breaking history(along with BOTY) has withstood the test of time and is the last major 90’s USA breakin events that still holds strong today. As the 2nd Champions event in the Pro Breaking Tour and the 30th official stop of the calendar year, Freestyle Session… Read more

Feature Event

TBT: One Love to Freestyle Session!

Coming up in the game there was one website that I’ve always gone to back in the days around 99-2000. That site was I remember the days (before even Wi-fi was around) here i watched a clip of Boy HaviKORO doing some crazy elbow air flares. I would follow the threads, topics, debates and even the drama that were taking place in our community. I was a kid in the background but I always… Read more

Event Recaps


This past Saturday Nov. 5th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 1st of 2 back to back weekends stops in Los Angeles CA for “I Must Break You” . The 29th stop of the PBT truly set the tone for this weekends Freestyle Session World Finals event. With Bboys and Bgirls from all over the world in town, incredible venue, promotion, and production, I Must Break You was set to become on of the top… Read more

Event Recaps


This past weekend I went back to the event that started so much for me in so many ways. My 1st out of state jam, my 1st time entering a competition and my 1st time meeting kids that would go on to become friends till this day(15 years later). The event? Bboy City. After a 3 year hiatus Bboy City returned with a bang. Now part of the Pro Breaking Tour, Bboy City became the… Read more

Event Recaps

Silverback Open Championships 2016 Day Two

After the madness that was Silverback Open Championships Day One, it was time for even more madness as day two of the event brought the 3 vs 3 battles. With the worlds best in the building, you knew some bboys would “squad up” but it was great to see some traditional crews in the competition like Found Nation, MZK, Rock Force, East Side Bboys, Supreme Beings, Killafornia, Knuckleheads Cali,Body Carnival, FloMo Crew, Hustle Kidz, and… Read more

Event Recaps

Silverback Open Championships 2016 Day One

As I sit here wondering how I can describe Silverback Open Championships 2016, I can’t stop thinking of the many great memories and unforgettable moments that took place at the event. Instead of writing a massively long blog that wouldn’t come close to capturing the event itself, I will do my best by showcasing what took place at the event. But before we start, I would like to point out a few changes that made… Read more


Cros One on Bboys and Silverback Open Championships 2016

My brotha Cros One had some strong words for bboys/bgirls that may be having negative remarks regarding Silverback Open Championships. As big as the event is not everyone gets a paid invitation to attend the event. This does not mean these bboys/bgirls are not welcomed, it just means that if they want to attend, they have to do it on their own. Silverback Open Championships is a FREE event for all to attend. Cros Speaks:… Read more


Silverback Open Championships: Favorite Battles

It’s Silverback Open Championships 2016 week! Bboys and Bgirls from across the world will gather in what has become the biggest breaking competition in the world. Over 400+ competitors are expected to compete at the event. In only it’s 3rd edition, SB Open has giving us some memorable and one day, to be legendary, battles. Let’s check out some of our favorites. Thesis vs Niek – Silverback 2014 – Finals We have to put it… Read more


Silverback Open Championships 2016: The $100.000 jam!

Lets go to the mid 90’s and the birth of what was to become the bboy/bgirl community in the USA. Breakin’ may have started in the 70’s but jams in the United States becoming what they are today didn’t really come about till the mid 90’s. In those days, it was all about meeting up, having fun, and getting loose. Jams didn’t have “competition” battles, the jams didn’t have categories. By the late 90’s, the… Read more

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