STRIFE TV: WHAT GRIND MY GEARS featuring: Flexum & Lean Rock

We had to go ahead and feature this one…why? Because this dynamic due is just too funny! They made their debut back in the Strife TV Outbreak 6 coverage teaching you all how to krump. Now in the latest installment of ‘What Grind My Gears’ they are at it again.

DJ’S, if you are doing what Lean Rock states, you are an ‘MP’. What is an MP? A MUSIC PLAYER. SHAME ON YOU! Bboys, YOU ARE NOT LEGENDS. Said it for years, 5 YEARS DON’T MAKE YOU A LEGEND!

Stop downgrading the word please….. go do something productive to hopefully achieve that status.

[Note: you probably never will but does not hurt to try.]

With that being said, check out this episode of ‘What Grinds My Gears’ featuring Flexum and Lean Rock!

We would like to take this time to take a look back at the first to be featured in ‘What Grinds My Gears’, Squadron’s own Nasty Ray….

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