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Bad Meaning Good: Mike Tyson

So I came across a really dope video of KID DYNAMITE aka Mike Tyson. Tyson means a lot to the Hiphop generation. In the late 80’s, kids in the ghettos had 2 heroes: Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson. Unlike Jordan, Tyson was from the ghetto. Tyson came out of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, home of Biggie, Mos Def, Talib and many other famous MCs. Tyson was truly, “The People’s Champ”. His knock outs will forever be… Read more

Straight Out the Jungle

If you are down with the culture but you’ve never visited New York City, you are missing a piece to the puzzle. You gotta complete the cypher. It is a must to visit the motherland, aka concrete jungle; aka New York City, at least once in a lifetime for any Hip Hop head around the world. Until you experience it in person, it is hard to imagine the street struggle mixed up with the fancy… Read more

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