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Too many changes in our community, some good, others bad and sadly some of the bad are organizations taking advantage of our community for self interest. Shout out to Marlon for never holding back: “the WORST thing in the WORLD that i HATE is people or organizations that EXPLOIT people!!!!! people that all they do is VULTURE their way onto bigger things BY using other’s HARD WORK or NAMES to gain financially….I am a positive person and i… Read more

Interview with El Niño; The Importance Of Supporting Jams

Came across this interview with Pookie on the forum, and just wanted to shed some more light on it since he touches on a really important topic that does not get discussed enough. In it he compares how much more supportive of jams bboys and bgirls are in other countries compared to the U.S., and the extents they go to just to be able to vibe and kick it at jams. I’ve definitely noticed this… Read more

Stopped by our forum lately?

When we re-created our page, we wanted to create a page that truly belongs to the community and give those with something to say a place to speak. Our community is very much cluttered with online wackness that consists of people talking crap under fake names, people asking what kind of shoes their favorite bboy wears, and random wack footage that shouldn’t even be online. NOT AT THE BBOY SPOT. QUALITY over everything is what… Read more

Community First: Child Of This Culture

  Earlier this year, Bgirls Candy, Sinergy, and Reakt of Floor Angelz Crew (Florida), began building on a vision to create an urban arts program that specifically caters to children, with a goal to promote a postive perspective of Hip Hop culture by providing art, dance, music classes to children ages 2-18. Within months of the ideas conception the Child Of This Culture Foundation was born, and they have since been able to offer numerous FREE workshops… Read more

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