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“The Quick Mix Theory” by Grandmaster Flash

We here at The Bboy Spot pride ourselves in trying to spread as much knowledge about the culture as we can. Sometimes though, the best way to hear it is straight from the source. Grandmaster Flash is part of a handfull of pioneers in our culture that are still around today. His Quick Mix Theory , as he explains, is practically the beginning of it all. It’s not only amazing to hear him explain the… Read more

Red Bull Thre3Style Final in Orlando

The Red Bull Thre3style National Final is going down this weekend in Orlando. Ten ¬†DJs from around the country will go head-to-head, throwing down 15-minute sets that seamlessly integrate three distinctly different styles of music to see who can hold it down the best. The Final event will be taking place on Saturday June 23rd at Universal Citywalk’s The Grove, so we definitely suggest going out and supporting this event if you can…should be pretty… Read more

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