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“The Quick Mix Theory” by Grandmaster Flash

We here at The Bboy Spot pride ourselves in trying to spread as much knowledge about the culture as we can. Sometimes though, the best way to hear it is straight from the source. Grandmaster Flash is part of a handfull of pioneers in our culture that are still around today. His Quick Mix Theory , as he explains, is practically the beginning of it all. It’s not only amazing to hear him explain the… Read more

Macklemore’s Bboy track

Last week, rapper Macklemore won 4 grammys. I don’t care much about commercial award shows since today’s commercial Hiphop “artists” are not producing much “art”. His win ended up causing a racial controversy that led to Macklemore stating an apology for winning. Couple days later, I was having a conversation with a friend on facebook where we were going back and forth, with me saying how much Macklamore sucks and him saying he does not. I… Read more

De La Soul feat. The spirit of the Wu Tang

People complain about hiphop nowadays and how they miss the golden era. Well fortunately for all of us there is De La Soul. The group plans to release about one single every month in order to combat the industry and it’s saturation of mixtapes and street releases. In their latest single they sampled the intro from Disc 2 of the infamous WU TANG: FOREVER album and made magic. I’d say its probably one of the… Read more

DJ THE BOY-“BOY ΠΕΣ ΤΟΥΣ” (Official Video Clip)

My boy Tolis from Battle of the Year Greece hit me up with this video of a famous Greek DJ and some of the best MC’s in Greece. He told me that some of the MC’s are rocking Biggest&Baddest so I decided to take a look. I didn’t know what to expect but was very impressed by what I saw. I can’t understand anything! (lol), but from the beat and the way these guys drop their delivery and presence… Read more

Clip of the day: Education of Sonny Carson

The Education of Sonny Carson is a 1974 film based on a best selling autobiography from the same name. Now before we get into why we think this movie is worthy of our clip of the day…let’s get some into some history. Sonny Carson was a man who went through gang life and turmoil as a youth in the streets of Brooklyn. After doing time in prison and seeing his girlfriend get addicted to heroin,… Read more

Clip of the Day: Outbreak 8 World Finals Official Trailer

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia is coming to life the last weekend of July for what many people are referring to as “Eight Days of Craziness”. Banska Bystrica will become, “The Spot” to be at for Hip Hop heads all over the world. For the first time in history, Outbreak Hiphop Festival World Finals will take place outside of the USA. With qualifiers in countries such as Holland, Russia, Balkan region, Romania, France, Slovakia, Spain, USA, France, and more, Outbreak is… Read more

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