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Be about it! Positive change in our community.

Be about it! If you want something done, do it yourself. The means to create and make change are at one’s finger tips. The internet and technology is very accessible in this day and age. Hip-Hop and Breaking culture are at a pivotal point in which it is make or break situation (no pun intended). The general consensus is that we want to keep our art form as raw and positive as possible, free from… Read more

Hip Hop & Education

Hip Hop and Education. These two words at seem to be at odds with one another when one is pursuing their passion and/or attempting to establish a more mainstream career. The truth of the matter is most people give up one for the other. Despite all the struggles to balance between these two aspects of life, they don’t necessarily have to work in an antagonistic relationship. Rather both Hip Hop and Education can be utilized… Read more

Our Community: Gettin’ Free

Good company and music, the scene needs this now more than ever. This is the time in which bboys and bgirls have the capabilities to get exposure on a massive level. Therefore we better come correct. In maintaining an image of a culture, the community of bboys have to show a sense of togetherness. Although we may have different perspectives on the dance we should work with one another to preserve breaking in its most… Read more

Beats & Breaks

Breaks, the common root shared in our culture. I’m talking about percussion, bass, drums, that sound that makes you just want to get loose. DJs have been looping and sampling the instrumentals ever since the beginning of Hip Hop. Although there is one question that comes to mind: why the breaks? Why are bboys/bgirls drawn to this style of music? The answer is simple. We are human. Far before the first bboy even hit a… Read more

Introducing our newest guest blogger…

As you may have heard, we recently opened up the opportunity for members of the community to contribute to our site periodically as guest bloggers. We’d like to be able to further utilize the blog as a platform for writers who have something to share or express with others in the community. We’ve received several great submissions which we are still narrowing down, and would like to introduce you to our first guest blogger, Jonathan Chan… Read more

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