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Foundation: The 3 Pillars

Keeping this blog simple and to the point, we’d like to share with you 3 quotes we picked up over the years on why foundation in your dance is extremely important. Below: what the quotes mean to us. #1 Abstrak- Skill Methodz Foundation is history, it is tradition, it is knowledge. Foundation is a tool needed to reach the end. In this case, the end can be a very dope and creative style. #2 Jeskilz- Cypher… Read more

KNOWtheLEDGE: Ken Swift Interview with Core Media

In our community there are many who truly make some stupid analogies but when Ken Swift speaks, he breaks it down with simplicity at its finest. Always direct and to the point. Listen to what Kenny has to say as he speaks on topics such as family, history, corporate sponsorships, creative control, traveling across the world, and our community as a whole. Breaking is Hiphop, and Hiphop is a culture not science.

Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival Day 1 & 2 Official Recap

With so much taking place during Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival, we decided it was best to break down the highlight clips instead of compressing everything into one. The first highlight clip showcases what was part of Polskee Flava’s Catch the Flava summer camp that we helped organized. The camp featured workshops from legendary bboys Ken Swift, Freeze and Ivan along with Japanese O.G bboy Kazuhiro. The clip also highlights the grand opening of Outbreak 8… Read more

Catch the Flava Bboy Summer Camp

One thing that will make Outbreak 8 Hiphop festival special is the addition of the CATCH THE FLAVA SUMMER CAMP presented by Polskee Flavour. Catch the Flava is an all-out Bboy/Bgirl summer camp. Bboys and bgirls from all across Europe will come together to learn, grow and hopefully build friendships that will last a lifetime. Catch the Flava will be highlighted by THE FOUR CORNERS—4 pioneers from different regions, spreading the knowledge they gathered from… Read more

KNOWtheLEDGE: KING Ken Swift Style Wars interview

Man…. Ken Swift gave the greatest interview ever. Ever so often, I go back and listen to his words. The introduction alone reminds me why I do this. When he talks about “the stage” to me that represents why I have never done a battle on stage and why A SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. As he said, “Unless you are a bboy you can’t understand some rhythemic patterns and combinations” Our dance and culture is… Read more

Knowledge Reigns Supreme: Roxrite Interview

While browsing Youtube we came across Roxrite‘s StrifeTV interview at Outbreak 7 Hiphop Festival and one thing stood out; it got 53,000 hits! 53,000 hits?!?! Interviews usually get about 5k – 10k. Then we heard the interview again and we realized Rox dropped some crazy knowledge. He went into detail about why he believes he won RedBull BC One and what his style represents. Before we continue, I want to say a little something about… Read more

Straight Out the Jungle

If you are down with the culture but you’ve never visited New York City, you are missing a piece to the puzzle. You gotta complete the cypher. It is a must to visit the motherland, aka concrete jungle; aka New York City, at least once in a lifetime for any Hip Hop head around the world. Until you experience it in person, it is hard to imagine the street struggle mixed up with the fancy… Read more

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