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Community First: Inspiration in Palestine

If you follow Teknyc on his blog or twitter, than you may have heard that he recently wrapped up an incredible tour throughout the Middle East which included stops to places such as Egypt, Israel, and Palestine. The tour was done alongsideĀ Rennie Harris Puremovement for their cultural exchange program through the U.S Embassy, in collaboration with BAM and Dance Motion USA. While in Nablus, Palestine, Tecnyc had the opportunity to connect with Tomorrows Youth Organization,… Read more

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Out For Fame 2012

Coming up in the scene back in 1999-2000, I remember hearing about a new competition called OUT FOR FAME (OFF). OFF was a national competition taking place in many different parts of the country like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston and more. This jam could have easily been called THE BEST OF THE BEST because that’s who was there from Havik and KORO (before they joined forces) to Skill Methodz, Rhythm Bugs,… Read more

Community 1st: Teknyc’s Steelo Benefit Workshop

The Bboy and Hip Hop community has given many of us an opportunity to travel the world, make friendships that will last a life time and so much more. While it continues to give, the question should not be, “What has the community done for you?” but instead, “WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN BACK THE COMMUNITY?” Recently, Teknyc of Skill Methodz held a very inspirational workshop for a very inspirational bboy, Steelo. As many of you… Read more

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