The BBOYSpot’s Bgirl Mount Rushmore

On International Women’s Day we dedicated the day to 6 bgirls that paved the way. These women are pioneers, visionaries, trend setters, trail blazers, and an absolute inspiration for thousands of bgirls and bboys across the world. We decided to write a special blog for these 6 amazing women. We’ll be using Mount Rushmore as a point of refence and since Mount Rushmore only has 4 faces on it we’ll be removing 2 bgirls, but still honor them on the list….hear us out.


First off it’s Baby Love and she deserves her own Rushmore. Baby Love is the catalyst, the blue print, the first bgirl to show the world that women get down. Another reason for not including her on our Mount Rushmore is because while breaking blew up in the 80’s(her era), our “community” for what it is today did not really start till the early/mid 90’s. Jams like Zulu Ann, Rock Steady Ann and Bboy Summit paved the way. At this time Baby Love was not really active in our community. Note: She has attended a few jams and hopefully will attend more in the future.

NARUMI – Body Carnival
The 2nd bgirl missing on Rushmore would be Narumi – Body Carnival. This decision was difficult because Narumi is the most fierce bgirl competitor our community has ever seen. She is a key reason why Japan is producing the best bgirls in the world (in our opinion). But with her body of work still at its peak and Rushmore being dedicated to those that paved the way, you can say she barely missed the cut. When it’s all set and done, we might have to add a 5th fae to our Rushmore.

Now, with that being said we bring you:

Starting with who we feel is the illest Bgirl of all time: Bgirl Hurricane from France. Rocking strong for 20+ years. Hurricane has the style, the flow, the finesse and history to back her up. She is also the founder of Just4Rockers (One of the illest jams in France).

The 2nd spot on Bgirl Rushmore is dedicated to the most influential Bgirl of all time. The 1st ever Bgirl community leader. Asia One of No Easy Props. Her body of work with Bboy Summit helped bring our community to what it is today. Asia did things for our community before we were called a “community”. Her jam,(Bboy Summit 99) is consider by many the greatest jam in Breakin’ history.

BETA – Heart Breakerz
The 3rd Rushmore spot goes out to Beta – Heart Breakerz. The “rawest” bgirl of all time. Beta transcended the status quo. Her style let it be know that it’s not about girls “breaking a certain way” but breaking to be nasty, to be raw. Beta came up in a very important and revolutionary time (mid 90’s) in Breakin’ when many different styles were being originated. It was possibly the purest time in our communities history. It was there that she flourished and created a style unlike any before!

JESKILZ – Cypher Adikts
Last on Rushmore is none other than Jeskilz – Cypher Adikts. For the last 15+ years few bgirls have been as active and devoted within the community. Skilz made her name in the mid 2000’s as a member of Rock Steady Crew and she became one of the most inspirational bgirls of her generation by helping pave the way for a newer generation of bgirls. In 2011 she created Cypher Adikts and the event has gone worldwide ever since. In recent years, Skilz has taken on a leadership role by becoming a voice for bgirls worldwide. She was an integral part in creating the 1vs1 Bgirl battle category at Freestyle Session.

And there you have it! The 4 women that we feel belong on the Mount Rushmore of Bgirls.

We’d also would like to express that our selection is solely based on our opinion. We understand that many bgirls have contributed and done amazing things within our community. We based our selection on the knowledge we’ve gathered in the past 18 years of being part of this community. The criteria was (in no particular order): Leadership, contributions, knowledge, skills, impact in our community, and longevity.

Much love to all bgirls worldwide! We’ve always had love for the bgirls. Our jam (Outbreak Hiphop Festival) has always honored bgirls by placing the bgirl category on the same level as our 2 v 2 bboy/bgirl category. Truly some great memories were had.

What do you think of our selections? Did your favorite Bgirl make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

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