Travellin’ Man

Growing up, I think one of my biggest ambitions was to travel the world. Even now I think any kid growing up still has “travel the world” on their list of things to do. Little did I know, my first trip outside of the country would be because of bboying. In July 2010, I boarded a flight to Slovakia for 10 days where I would be an attendee at the first Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival. While I’m no bboy (yet), I got to fly there because I helped The Bboy Spot Europe build their website and instead of payment I asked MG & MK to bring me to Slovakia. I felt the experience would be worth way more than a few hundred dollars that I would probably end up spending on my car or a cellphone. And you know what? I was right.

While in Slovakia, I met (and partied with) so many people from all over the world that were also visiting for the first time. I believe there were bboys and bgirls from over 30 different countries in attendance that year and even more the following year. That’s definitely one of the perks when you’re traveling abroad for a jam versus going on a random vacation to do the same old tourist attractions. Another thing is I got to try the food there which I thought was pretty good! Definitely got introduced to some new flavors while I was out there. Anyways, I can keep going on and on but there’s a point to be made here.

When I got back from Slovakia, I realized that I finally got to see my years of dedication to learning how to design pay off. I made so many new friends and my perspective on life and working changed. I stopped sweating all the little things altogether and putting in the extra effort was a lot less difficult. In short, that one short trip made a huge difference for me and to me.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way so I thought I’d ask a few of our friends to share their experiences or advice with you guys as well! Check them out.

“My most memorable trip was, by far, JAPAN in ’07. I had always dreamt of going to Japan and ever since I started working with the homie MEX ONE he told me “SPEN one day all this work will take you to Japan, I can promise you that” and he delivered. 10 whole days in the land of the rising sun. We went to Freestyle Session Japan that year. I spent most of the time walking around Japan aimlessly by myself, with a map and every Gangstarr/Group Home album ever made on a borrowed iPod. The culture, the lifestyle the people, the cars….I’ll never forget it.

The best part of the trip was that Dj Premier was in town spinning at a club called “Shibuya Nuts”. I went all by myself in freezing weather and it was well worth the 2000YEN entrance fee + 3000YEN for the tshirt (that I eventually lost in the damn club) and 8000YEN on the new NIKES I bought that day but were ruined in the sea of people, reciting Guru’s lyrics word for word. Afterwards it was so late in the morning I had a 2 hour trip back to the hotel with 1 hour being a wait for the trains to start back up and the other hour walking because the closest station to my hotel was still closed…..all in freezing weather. Unforgettable isn’t even the word to describe it. I’d say more like LEGENDARY.”
Unique Styles / DME 

“The trip most memorable to me was my trip to USA. Along with MG (The Bboy Spot Europe), I traveled throughout the USA. The goal was clear; get to know the local dance scene and Hiphop culture in person rather than from youtube. My dream was always to visit The Bboy Spot headquarters and practice there with people from the USA. My dream came true this year on March 6th, when we arrived to Orlando.

USA is a country of options. As soon as I got off the plane, I was impressed by how big everything was, cars were big like trucks and trucks were big like ships. After a few days in Miami and Orlando, we continued our trip to New York City. This trip helped me realize that if you want to achieve something in life, you gotta work really hard. A person cannot simply take success for granted in NYC. I am coming back home with a lot of inspiration from the USA, with a different perspective. So my visit to the USA definitely had a great impact on my future visions.

My next stops are the jams in Europe in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, why? Because we need to travel, experience different places, cultures, people, gather skills, and get inspired from everything possible that life offers”
Hasta La Muerte

“I think both Euro trips I did in July of 2010 and 2011 were by far my favorite trips. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun or ever learned so much. I pretty much partied the whole time, and was able to be productive at the same time. I got to attend some of the best events in the world (Outbreak Europe, SDK, and World Bboy Classic). Most of my trips are usually short, and are usually all about business. The most stressing part is usually the traveling itself, but on these trips you don’t have to worry about being at the airport all day. This trip is definitely on a whole different level. The people that I went on the trips with made it even more memorable. In the past 2 years I got to go with experience the trip with MG, MK, Roxrite, Kid David, Keebz, Kuriouz, Nasty Ray, Vicious and my cousin El Nino. I got to experience a lifetime in just a matter of weeks with some of my closest peeps. The motto of the trip is “the best chill ever”. We basically do whatever we want, whenever we want. The parties are the best, and this is what hip hop is about… partying! When you spend weeks away from home, and you meet so many different people of different cultures it’s always inspiring. The international bboy events in Europe typically have more of a diverse range of culture since all the European countries are so close together. Traveling through the different countries is mind boggling period. You drive for a few hours, and the signs are in a totally different language. That’s not really something you see here in America. I guarantee for anyone that goes on this trip with me your life will never be the same, and your motivation will be set at an all-time high.

I have learned to make the most of it! Try and do as much as you can when you’re overseas. Being in a hotel room is boring as hell, so go out there and explore. Live with no regrets, and always be productive. In order to keep at the pace to be able to travel, consistency is a must. So when I come back home from trips, I definitely work harder.

I will be heading to Houston for a fund raiser for Battle Supreme. Houston is definitely one of my favorite cities. The food is amazing and the vibe is really chill. Never mind it’s a pretty damn good place to come up on some great records. I will also go on another Euro tour in May/June, and pretty much do a world tour in July. Ultimately, I’m on a mission to the next galaxy.”
– DJ Leanrock
Horsepower Crew 

“Meeting different people always makes you change as a person. Whether you like it or not you learn something bad/good about yourself and the world through the people you meet. If I have not traveled through bboying/hiphop/dancing I would not be who I am today. A trip that is most memorable is a trip where i have met and talked to many different of people and for me, it is very difficult to choose. But since you’re asking I’Il say RedBulls King Of The Ring 2006 which was also my first international trip through dancing. I met many famous bboys and amazing people which I am now still close friends with. It made me see a different part of myself which said “Hey ray keep doing what your doing and see the world to get this feeling of learning naturally through people” So I did just that. I accepted the bad, the good and made life decisions off my experiences through traveling and meeting amazing people.

Where am I headed? Does any dancer ever truly know that? Hopefully around the world and back again. Im in Tromso Norway at the moment till May26th doing a theatre show. After this back to USA then back out again. If i keep doing what I love I’m always gonna be moving even if its around the Bay Area where Im from.”
– NastyRay
Boogie Bratz

What about you? For those of you who have traveled, what memorable experiences took place because of your involvement with bboying or hiphop? Let us know and we just might highlight your story!

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